Lovely NZ improvements

Today I finally got around to creating the new Lovely NZ homepage – which lists all updates. So people no longer have to trawl through each site, hoping for updates (when there probably haven’t been any). Now it’s easy to see all one the one page – and I even updated each and every one of the sites today too!


In between all that I managed to waste plenty of time looking at vintage kimono and checking the chirimen on Yahoo! Japan auctions. I also received the brilliant news there is at last a certified organic preservative on the market (very big YAY). Astrid has just learnt to sit up on her own so every now and again there’s a big thud as she falls back onto her head *ouch*. The office is now full of cushions but the thuds are still getting through.


I did cheat a bit with the Ellerslie Flower Show story – I’ve not actually written anything yet – just uploaded the photos. Tuesday was Media Day and it was very cool going when it was so empty – it only took me an hour and a half to look at everything. I slightly missed the crowds though – they are in fact quite a part of that kind of event aren’t they?


The only slight bummer was the food people were still setting up. So no yummy samples this time – especially from naked organics who are always the best. Anathoth Beetroot Relish was a good discovery while we were away at Sandy Bay. Highly recommended with sausages and burgers which I think is all we ate whilst there – and we’re still recovering.







9 responses to “Lovely NZ improvements”

  1. Lori avatar

    Lovely! ;^)

    Everything under one roof .. perfection.

  2. Tommy avatar

    Poor Astrid! Is she shocked when she hits her head? I have made a note of your borage suggestions and will try them out when summer comes around again.

  3. jen avatar

    WTG youve been busy

    Poor girl put a pillow behind her it will save her head

    I use to LOVE going to the Ellerslie Flower Show story

  4. Ellen avatar

    Ha! I’m sitting here reading your blog while dipping crackers into my all-time favourite Anathoth Beetroot Chutney…how perfect! Man, that is one delicious chutney…

  5. Steph avatar

    wow, busy times for you! Hope Astrid’s head doesn’t get too sore. Babies can find the gap between the cushions, no matter how many there are.

    And Anathoth has great jams too.

  6. Felicia avatar

    Those cactus flats look so beautiful!

  7. melissa avatar

    i love your photos of the produce and plants! ahh, anathoth. they’re not far from here- my sister used to have summer jobs picking raspberries for their jam. 🙂

  8. paula avatar

    Charlotte, I just got my giveaway in the mail and I LOVE it. Thank you so much!

    (I posted about it at

  9. Carola avatar

    wow, it feels weird to read about summer for me right now. i live in Sweden 🙂

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