Shop update

At Little Orchard shop.

Cath Kidston print baby / weekend bags.


Vintage japanese yukata fabric bags.


Snuggly bunny.


Versatile halter neck dress / skirt / tops for ages 1-5 in vintage Japanese fabrics.


Liberty print halter neck tops.


All new pure and natural organic skincare for mums and babies, hands and feet including a fabulous new natural, certified organic preservative derived from oranges.


Go on. Have a look.







8 responses to “Shop update”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    Everything looks so good! Love those bags and the bunny and that cute little baby of yours :o) It’s time for me to get one ;o)

  2. angorian avatar

    For bags with interior details (like pockets or contrasting linings) it would definitely be nice to have a second picture with another view.

  3. lesley avatar

    Charlotte, you really are one talented woman! I wish I could buy some of your industriousness! Is that even a word?! Well you know what I mean. 🙂

  4. Veronica TM avatar

    every single thing looks wonderful, charlotte!

  5. Lindy avatar

    I just checked out the shop- lovely things in there. As for the prices- the baby bags come out to about 40GBP so I think you have it spot on. I’ll be doing a little shopping right after christmas- hoping some of the things I have my eye on are still available!!

  6. Ravenhill avatar

    You have been busy! What a lot of new and lovely things you have made. I love the bright yukata fabric on the bag! I hope that your shop is doing well!

  7. Elaine avatar

    These are so inspiring! I especially like the bunny. Are you planning on making a pattern for it?

  8. Jannelle Preston avatar

    Love the bags, absolutely gorgeous.

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