Happy days

I’ve sold a tonne of stuff from the shop today – six bags, five moisturisers, five floral waters (that was all one order), another bag and I’ve posted out the Snuggly Bunny and a Onesie as a gift order from the UK. To top the day off (and it’s onlly 11:47am) I’ve been granted a stall at craftwerk on Thursday! Hooray!

The sun is shining so some gardening is in order – and I think I might make some babycord jackets this weekend to take to craftwerk.








9 responses to “Happy days”

  1. Anna avatar

    ohhh i didnt know craftwerk was on! dang it! would have called to say hello

  2. Anna avatar

    ohh dumb anna. next thursday. must learn how to read thing properly. seriously.

  3. charlotte avatar

    haha anna – now you can come and say hello!!!

  4. Alison avatar

    Hooray indeed!!

  5. jen avatar

    well done Im pleased for you

  6. Megan avatar

    Excellent work, Ms Charlotte.

  7. Steph avatar

    What a great day for you!!

  8. lesley avatar

    Yay! Good times!

  9. Mia avatar

    Thanks for posting the Snuggle Bunny and onesie, the gifts were oohed and aahed over and very much appreciated. :o)

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