Astrid’s first year

Yesterday was Astrid’s first birthday. A nice way to wrap up the year. I feel as though this year I’ve tumbled and slid down a steep, dusty, rocky hill, but somehow managed to pick myself up, brush myself off and carry on. Sometimes it’s been incredibly hard, and I’ve had to go head-on through some horrible times, the worst being seeing Astrid after her operation and the following days. Speaking at mum’s funeral was a walk in the park compared with that.


It’s been a strange year for the females in my family – with Astrid’s operation, Mum dying, and Plum being re-homed a month or so ago because of her chronic sneezing.

I made Astrid a special present for the year. It’s a rather large black Windsor and Newton book which I’ve filled with 238 5×7 photos of the past year (and a bit), cataloging everything from the very early pregnancy, birth, early days at home, through the hospital stay with Astrid, Astrid with Mum, Astrid’s fashion shoots, trips to the beach, first high chair sitting – well, nearly one for each day.

Also included are some of my milestones, like the first swap, the growth of my fabric stash, first bag comission, and some especially memorable baking moments. As well as photos to reflect the changing of the seasons around the house and in the garden. Looking back I do miss the late Summer.


The spray mount fizzled out around picture 180, and with Kevin’s back out, I can’t just ask him to go and get some while I bake the cake. I’ll finish it today. The writing will be my project for evenings over the next few weeks.


The cake is absolutely delicious – it’s a raspberry version of Donna Hay’s fruit crumble cake from Modern Classics 2.


My two regrets for the day – which means I need to do something about them – are that my midwife still has the birth notes – and I’ve not yet written about our time in hospital.

Today we are having party number two for Dad, Hamish and Megs who couldn’t come yesterday. They’ll be here in an hour (ooh, now five minutes!) so I might just have to start thinking about getting ready.






24 responses to “Astrid’s first year”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    Happy birthday Astrid :o)

    That’s just such a lovely book you’ve put together for her. And the cake … yum, I credited you already for that on Flickr!!

  2. erin avatar

    Happy Birthday Astrid! What a lovely and thoughtful book, Charlotte. She will treasure that when she is older!

  3. Alex avatar

    This is a wonderful present.
    Happy Birthday to your girl.

  4. Amber avatar

    Happy birthday to Astrid (I have always loved that name—she must be a very special girl) and best wishes to you in the coming year. Your book sounds absolutely perfect for both Astrid and for you, too…

  5. lies avatar

    Happy well-done-parents-day for your lovely parents.
    You all look amazingly sweet in the photos.

    Much love

  6. lies avatar

    Oh and I just read it all again. Tears in my eyes. You are one of a kind, such a good mum, what a year for you, what a year.
    This one is for you Charlotte : Kiss.


  7. Lindy avatar

    Happy Birthday Astrid! What a lovely album, she’ll have many a wonderful afternoon thumbing through that book in a few years.

  8. Steph avatar

    Happy Birthday Astrid! What a beautiful present for her to look back on in the years to come. I would have loved a present like that, it’s like capturing her whole first year for her to live (sort of) again when she’s old enough to remember it. If that makes sense.

  9. jen avatar

    Happy Birthday to your little girl
    I LOVE her book well done Charlotte
    Im sure she will look back over this many many times throughout her lifetime
    blessings to you both

  10. Jo avatar

    Congratulations and happy birthday. The perfect keepsake, and oh so classy. Lucky girl to have such a thoughtful mumma.

  11. Ravenhill avatar

    Wishing both you and your lovely daughter happy birthday! One’s children’s birtdays are so special. The book you have made is a treasure.

  12. Megan avatar

    Happy Birthday Astrid! Your photo archive of the year looks utterly stunning Charlotte.

  13. Veronica TM avatar

    happy birthday, little astrid!

    what a year, charlotte! but from where i see it, you have managed to create so much beauty. number one being that sweet and beautiful little girl. i so enjoyed getting mail from you, everything you make is special.
    my regret: not having sent you anything in return yet.
    have a wonderful and peaceful 2008!

  14. Emily S. avatar

    Oh, that cake looks divine.
    Very, very happy birthday, beautiful little Astrid.

  15. Alison avatar

    Happy Birthday to Astrid, and happy birth day for you too.
    Go get those notes. They’re invaluable, for so many reasons.

    The book is fabulous – incredibly personal and special. I hope Astrid treasures it always.

  16. Deine Familie in Deutschland avatar
    Deine Familie in Deutschland

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum ersten Geburtstag von Astrid und ein frohes neues Jahr welches hoffentlich ein schöneres sein wird. Wir sind alle in Gedanken bei euch und warten noch auf das neue Jahr.
    Es wird viel zu erzählen geben, positives wie negatives.
    Wir melden uns in den nächsten Tagen bei dir.
    Liebe Grüße aus Angfurten,

    Mutti, Papa, Mama, Ingo, Anja, Ayleen, Dominique, Nick und Pascal

  17. di avatar

    Wow- what a big year for you all. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. The album is such a wonderful creation- I’m sure that in years to come (especially when she becomes a mother herself) it will be cherished.

  18. Rebecca avatar

    Happy Birthday to your sweet chick! And a Happy New Year too!

  19. Nicky avatar

    Happy (belated) birthday Astrid!

    Catching up in after an enforced internet hiatus, Charlotte those photographs are so beautiful! I wish you could sell your artistic eye in the shop, I’d buy it for sure 🙂

  20. kreativemix avatar

    Belated Happy Birthday to Astrid and a wonderful new year to all of you!!!! May all your business dreams come true this year 🙂

  21. Nora avatar

    A beautiful gift for a beautiful little girl. Happy birthday sweet Astrid. x

  22. Arch avatar

    Oh I am late!!
    Do wish Astrid a very happy belated birthday!!

    The cake looks delicious!!!

    Wishing you a great year!


  23. Jennifer avatar

    What a lovely book you have put together. Definitely will be a treasure in the future, too.

  24. lilou avatar

    First visit for me on your blog…i love it and this post for your daughter’s birthday is so full of love i had to leave a meesage.

    Happy birthday dear Astrid…from far away (that is why it is a bit late)… My daughter Apolline is one today as well…what a year!

    plenty of kiss


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