Hello oh eight

New Year’s around our house was about as exciting as last year with me making cushions. Earlier in the day I ran into Leslie’s latest project and thought that would be a brilliant way to display some of the favourites in the Swedish linen collection. They’re not usually this squished up next to each other. Consider it a family portrait.


The Christmas Fairy was kind to me this year and brought me many desired things. I’m currently reading the Florence Broadhurst biography and planning something with my first ever delivery from Reprodepot. What a shame Martha’s is closed. I can’t buy any natural linen now I’ve finally realised it is quite nice after all.


I’ve cleaned up the sewing mess, filed all the fabrics in the fabric chest and even put my sewing machine (not the overlocker) away. A clear desk for the next stage – which I’ll blog about soon.

I made a blind, from chintz of all things. We’re not quite sure how the mechanism works so I roll it up by hand each morning. One thing they don’t warn you about when buying chintz on eBay is that it’s shiny at night. In fact they didn’t even say it was chintz. But it’s a gorgeous design so I’ve decided to convince myself that shiny at night is hip.


Astrid’s been inundated with toys so we’ve tidied those up too and she’s now on a one toy a day rotation. The Haba playland is the exception to the rule although Oscar seems more keen on it than Astrid does.


The garden’s coming along. It’s been quite tedious work in the heat, so one evening after having some friends around, and two bottles of fizzy later, I got into the garden and made excellent headway. I’ve been attacking the kikuyu every weekend but I finally managed to clear most of it, and get a few new things in. Now my friends tell me a couple of drinks work wonders for doing boring jobs, and I’m inclined to agree. (Note it is usually in full sun, the photo was taken around 8:30pm).


The wildflowers are past seedling stage, I’ve put in new peas having discovered the ones I’d planted and staked were, in fact, dwarf peas. We’ve not bought lettuce or spring onions for ages and the other day we got our first courgette. So it’s still maturing, but if you look back to the (bottom of) 21st of November progress has been pretty good!

Right then. I’m off to play with my new fabrics and decide whether to make a tote bag, a camera bag or a door stop.






11 responses to “Hello oh eight”

  1. Habitual avatar

    I live right near Reprodepot…..I’m a pretty big fan as I usually get my orders next-day. I hope you enjoy your purchase!

    Fabric [dot] com is also a great resource for fabrics, they have great deals on shipping, though I’m not sure about Int’l orders.

    Your garden looks heavenly (it is -12F here in Boston).

  2. leslie avatar

    gorgeous cushions! it’s addicting, no? everything looks so lovely with a frame of linen…

  3. Megan avatar

    Happy 2008, Charlotte – that garden is looking fantastic.

  4. Ann avatar

    Love those cushions!

  5. Yvonne avatar

    Happy New Year Charlotte and the gang! I love chintz. I don’t know why but my mother ysed a lot of chintz in the house I grew up and for some reason I love it now. Your curtain looks perfect, so does your garden and all the cushions you’ve made. Oh and Astrid’s dress is so adorable :o)

  6. Dodo avatar

    It’s -3°C here in Austria right now. I can only dream about a garden as beautiful and sunny as yours.
    Happy New Year!

  7. jen avatar

    lovely cushions

    pretty blind

    WTG with your garden looks great

  8. erin avatar

    happy new year charlotte! love your cushions – they are so happy looking.

  9. Aidan Laura avatar

    The garden is looking so wonderful. I’m very glad to be in your hemisphere and enjoying summer as well! I actually am American- but just moved to Wellington.

  10. Dawn avatar

    Oh I just love that couch and those cushions…so so gorgeous.!!! I am so glad to have found your blog. xoxo

  11. Alex avatar

    Charlotte, Leslie’s and your cushions are just beautiful. A linen frame makes the bright fabrics simply glow. Love your sofa!

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