Drawing inspiration

This year my overriding goal is to spend more time on things. Mainly the design process. I’ve been thinking these past few days about a subject. Something to provide a framework for my thoughts.

Yesterday I revisited Alison’s and Hilary’s cotton ribbons; which led me, via google to LINNET. It was like walking into the garden of eden. Page after page of pure beauty. And looking for books today I came across Print and Pattern’s lists where I found Simple and Natural: Petit Pattern Book.


The thoughts that had been simmering over the past few days knitted together. The photos I’d printed out yesterday matched so beautifully with flowers from the garden – I am now most definitely ready to find some wall and get an inspiration board up.


My first theme; natural and delicate.

With my fresh, clean new diary and sketchbook in hand I am very excited about the coming year.

{ Background photos are from LINNET }






7 responses to “Drawing inspiration”

  1. Steph avatar

    ok now I feel pretty damn inspired by this entry. The photos are just what I like and maybe one day soon I’ll get around to making my own inspiration board.

  2. Megan avatar

    Such a peaceful beauty to these shots. Yes, natural and delicate.

  3. Ravenhill avatar

    Lovely soft and simple images. We really need some uncomplicated beauty to rest our eyes on in our hectic lives. Thank you for the serene pictures.

  4. claribell avatar

    thanks for the quiet inspiration you have given me with these pic’s.

  5. jen avatar

    looks wonderfully pretty
    cant wait to see of your designs

  6. alison avatar

    The beginning of a fresh new year is so exciting when it comes to creativity. I discovered LINNET a couple of years ago and often pop back to drool. Oddly enough I’ve never ordered anything from there.
    Still on the lookout for a frame for the gorgeous Laundery print you sent me. Once framed I’ll do a little post about it with a link.
    Wishing you and your family a creative and fun filled year.
    Alison x

  7. melissa avatar

    wonderful inspiration, as always, charlotte. i have long been in love with ‘linnet’. especially those cotton ribbons! can’t wait to see what you get up to this year in your studio. x

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