I’m officially in Love. I knew I would be. LINNET is most definitely in my top ten shops in the whole wide world. No, make that top five.

My parcel arrived early this morning. It was probably more exciting than Christmas. Up we got Astrid and I, and out to carefully and slowly unwrap and examine the delights that lay within.


The calendar is lovely, with a different set of cute watercolours for each month. I bought this to inspire me to get my watercolours out and use them. I’ve already hung it next to my new inspiration board. So I’m feeing quite organised this year.


The linen I bought, tiny pieces they were, are of the most amazing quality I’ve ever felt. It’s by no means cheap but worth every penny. This grain-sack linen is so heavy and just exquisite.


What had initially led me to LINNET, my google search for linen ribbon, all simply gorgeous as well. Funnily, the day after ordering this I inherited a roll of about 20 metres of antique linen tape.


The yarn on the left hand side above is a very fine white linen. I was left my grandmother’s crochet hooks, amongst which were many lace hooks. So I also picked up some little crochet motif patterns – so I’ll now have a good excuse to actually sit down and watch a dvd tonight whilst crocheting some of these.


I’ve still got to finish the four bags I started making yesterday which I’ll do today. But for now it’s time to get ready for the day and head to La Cigale market where we’ll fill my new tote bag with gorgeous fresh produce then sit down with a yummy hot moccachino and watch the world go by.






21 responses to “LINNET”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    My great grandmother used that same type of fine linen thread for tatting (crocheting with a fine needle). I still have TONS of it, and I don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps this will inspire me to take it up again.

  2. Megan avatar

    Oh, so beautiful. Must stop spending on crap so I can afford stuff like this.

  3. Jennifer avatar

    Yes, isn’t LINNET nice? Her work is often featured in sewing magazines here.

  4. Veronica TM avatar

    i am jealous, i have to admit. i discovered linnet a while ago and have been dreaming about it ever since.
    enjoy all the goodness, charlotte. and have a beautiful weekend!

  5. shula avatar

    I still haven’t blinked.

    That is just heavenly

  6. hrsj avatar

    Oh, those are beautiful! You will enjoy those I am sure of it!

  7. Ravenhill avatar

    What delightful goodies you have received! You seem to find the most beautiful materials to use.

  8. Jo avatar

    How was your visit to the market. Must get there sometime, sounds fab. Love all those Linnet goodies. I like how they bundled it up with such love.

  9. alison avatar

    Oh my goodness! That parcel is quite simply heaven! The colours, the quality, the naturalness, the clean look is just perfect.
    Why haven’t I ordered from them before? WHY?? WHY?????

  10. erin avatar

    what a lovely package!

  11. Anna avatar

    lovely- how nice to receive something like that in the mail!

  12. amy avatar

    their stuff is so lovely!

  13. kelly avatar

    oh my, this store is so beautiful! thank you so much for introducing me! -kb

  14. joanna avatar

    such a beautiful package!! great mail day!!

  15. Line avatar

    That sure looks like beautiful things!
    And your blog and your creations are impressive, too!

  16. kimberlee avatar

    isn’t it a treasure to get something in the mail. these people are onto it with their minimal packaging, it looks beautiful all wrapped up


  17. Kajsa avatar

    Everything is beautiful!

  18. Jen avatar

    I love this store! I can never afford anything there, but one day I’m sure I’ll be able to splurge. Its such a pretty site – so inspirational. I just window shop, but its nice to know the products are as good as they look! I can’t wait to see what you do with them. Mental note: must purchase more linen…

  19. hillary avatar

    I’ve just discovered that site and have become very obsessed in a short time. your packages are so beautiful, enjoy them!

  20. Wendy avatar

    What a great shop. Your purchases are beautiful. I love that linen ribbon edged in the aqua blue. I will be ordering something soon. You make beautiful things! Wendy

  21. amandamonkey avatar

    Thank you for the lovely card you sent for the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap. I love the print and fabric touches make it extra fun!

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