Two books

I ordered these early October. They’ve just arrived. The first ones got lost in the post somewhere along the way but book orders are never a rush – there are always plenty to read right here.


The first book; one piece + smock blouse is the only clothing book I’ll be needing, at least for a while. It’s Girly Style Wardrobe and Onnanoko no fuku for big girls.

There are dresses in here and lovely lovely tops. I can’t wait to begin using up some of that Liberty fabric on projects from this book.


The second book, Linen Work, is smaller than I expected it to be, but it’s packed full of goodness. It’s the kind of book one would want to curl up on the sofa with, a good coffee and biscuit close by.


There’s some text – and I for one want to know what it says. It’ll require time, but with the help of my rusty Japanese (thank you mum for insisting I take Japanese at school), my trusty kana chart and a dictionary it can be done.

I love this colour chart – I want to dive in and swim through each colour.


Linen Work is a gem of a book which requires careful study and thought. I have a feeling that in reading as much as I can, some lovely secrets will be revealed. And even if I never get around to it, it’s such a nicely designed book with many wonderful photos and projects (with patterns) it wouldn’t matter. Not one wit!

This weekend, apart from sorting through mountains and mountains of old family stuff (lots of rescued goodies I might add) before it’s got rid of, I managed to fit in some crochet.


It took some getting used to, but Charlotte, the lace hook and the Linnet light weight yarn are working together quite well. Practice makes perfect. One day! Patterns for crochet motifs available here.







15 responses to “Two books”

  1. Megan avatar

    Oh! Such loveliness.

  2. Amber avatar

    Oh my, so much to love here!

    I so much know that feeling of excitement at receiving some of these wonderful Japanese craft books. In fact, now I ponder more because of your post. Sigh.

    I have long held a love for crocheted items like these you show here. I often wonder if I possess the kind of patience likely necessary to do this kind of work! I still don’t know. Your work is fabulous—like little snowflakes…

  3. Jennifer avatar

    The linen work book was fun to look at, but the writing was a little disappointing for me. The fog store is lovely, and it is interesting to know about how the author started up her business, though. Let us know what you think of it.

  4. Yvonne avatar

    So lovely!!

    I love color charts too. They always want to make me use all the colors. I can’t resist picking up paint color charts either. And the lace looks like perfection.

    I must learn Japanese, how cool is that? But first I must get my Swedish done ;o)

  5. Caterine avatar

    Looks like beautiful books. So great you can read japanese! I love the way they present the dress on the first book, model simply standing, no complicate position that doesn’t show the garnment at all.

  6. Ravenhill avatar

    Such wonderful looking books! I really am excited becuase I am going to be getting a few Japanese craft magazines through a swap sometime soon. I certainly look forward to that. The crochet is lovely and already looks perfect!

  7. erin avatar

    ooh – the crochet and the books are all lovely. maybe i need to place a yesasia order….

  8. Louise avatar

    I too love those books. And you have inspired me to work harder at my crochet. I picked it up last year, learning from a book and it doesn’t come as naturally as knitting. But I would love to make some lace like that.

  9. jen avatar

    those crochet dollies are so cute

  10. Veronica TM avatar

    stop it! you are killing me with all the cuteness!

  11. Pink Sun Drops avatar

    The crochet is gorgeous!

  12. lies avatar

    Aaaarghhhh!!! You are such a talented entrepreneurial box of wonderful idea’s!
    The frock-sewing book gets me all salivating uhhhhhh. Linen, yeh yeh I know too good too good. The crochet is so pretty. We must get together soon to swap some pattern books?
    Hey girl did you get the Craftwerk call?
    XXX mmmmwah Lies

  13. sarah avatar

    smile… linen work was my first japanese craft book {it’s still one of my very favourites}

  14. Cait avatar

    At last I have found you! I’m looking to make some tiny little flower like you have and am need a good book as reference. If you could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.


  15. claire avatar

    i’m in awe. those little crochet circles are awesome. i wish i was better at crochet.

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