Making. Making.

As well as shopping, sometimes I make things too. Like bags.

With echino and re:form and trefle linens and cottons. All mixed up like. With heavy lilac dkny linen handles that fit just nicely over the shoulder.

And then I might make other bags from vintage swedish linen, a dash of japanese fabric, a piece of brown leather with pink embroidery cotton detail.


Destined for yon shop of course. I’ll let you know.

Oh yeah and I got some shop money in so had to buy more stuff from Linnet. I thought I might hide the fact I have done so from Kevin be shy and not put it on my blog, but what the heck – I’ll show you when it’s here. Which I think will be tomorrow – woo!







10 responses to “Making. Making.”

  1. lottie avatar

    Oh Linnet… I’ve longed to go there for an age but your beautiful order has made me incredibly impatient. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. kelly avatar

    this bag is amazing…i am in love…please let me know if you put it in the shop. -kb

  3. Marta Mourão avatar

    Beautiful bags… And fabrics!

  4. erin avatar

    i just love your fabric combos, charlotte. and that green bag…sigh.

  5. Ravenhill avatar

    Oh wow, they are so fresh and bright and pretty. I am instantly transported to spring. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. jen avatar

    well done they are nice

  7. Steph avatar

    bright pretty bags, yay!! Nothing like a bit of colour on your arm to make you feel good. I saw that green elephant print on etsy and considered it but I snoozed and lost.

  8. alison avatar

    Oh goodie – more fabulous Linnet photos!
    Your bags look so fresh. Love how those fabrics work together.

  9. Irene*The Green Greek* avatar

    Lovely colors. The ladybirds hearlding Spring. I have seen some “next issues” from mags, anouncing Spring in the heart ofwinter.I also like the brown ones you’ve posted below.

  10. Jen avatar

    Love the leather handles on that bag. I’ve been experimenting myself and have had to scrounge for the leather. Not easy finding the weight of leather in the color you want. Anyway – I love that detail.

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