Today it’s raining

It was good last week. As I said, some shop money came in. November and December worth from two shops, which of course afforded me a trip or two to Linnet.


Today I am feeling so so drained. Today I will curl up on the (linen) sofa, drink chai spice tea and let my pisces fish self soak up the rain and replenish my inner energies.


Out will come the linen yarn and a doily or two shall be made. Perhaps I might make something useful. Jussi mentioned linen washcloths. I think I’ll make a green one to begin with. Or maybe I’ll make a scarf for Astrid instead. No – I’ve looked and decided upon a cushion cover now.


And I won’t even think about our front room full of stuff that needs sorting. Sorting to keep. Sorting to sell. Sorting to send to my aunt for safe keeping.

And I won’t think about the past two weekends spent going through old family things; mum’s things, grandma’s things, my things, family things. Not just a few boxes. Four entire rooms of it.

Treasures that needed rescuing. Precious things buried in forgotten pockets. Memories that had come undone. Things mum told me I must find. And things she thought long gone. All unearthed. All ready to be unpacked and polished and worn and treasured. All ready to become family heirlooms again. All things that came too close to being sent away to be auctioned as a bargain job lot.

Today I’m buying back a treasured family book from the book dealer. Next week I go to the auction house to check over everything – to make sure nothing was accidentally missed. So kind of them. Somewhere in there are two wedding dresses to be handed down from a great grandmother and a grandmother whom Astrid missed by such a short time. These things are for her. Not to be sold off as a job lot thank you.



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15 responses to “Today it’s raining”

  1. Jo avatar

    How emotionally draining for you, but oh how rewarding to pull close those special things for your descendants. I’m glad you found things that were thought to be long gone, that is icing on the cake isn’t it! Happy cushion cover making, and yay for a bit of rain to cool the day away.

  2. Kristy avatar

    I really hope you find those dresses. xxx

  3. di avatar

    These ties to your family’s history are so precious. I’m glad to hear you’ve had the opportunity to go through things, and rescue the book. I hope you manage to find the dresses.

  4. erin avatar

    charlotte…hope you are holding up all right. sounds like going through all your mom’s things must be really hard. hope you find those dresses.

    and that green linen sample is getting me a bit twitchy by the way.

  5. melissa avatar

    much love your way, charlotte. i can’t imagine how hard it would be to have to sort through a house full of memories and belongings like that.
    your linen crochet pieces are beautiful.

  6. jen avatar

    hope you had a nice relaxing day

  7. Ravenhill avatar

    My heart really goes out to you Charlotte over the loss of your mother. Wonderful that you are able to save and rescue precious family heirlooms that might have disappeared. When my husband’s mother died my father in law threw away many things and I think that is hard for my husband to not have these mementos of his past.

  8. lies avatar

    I’m looking fw to the doilies – you’ve such beautiful materials there!!! Hey yuh what fun we do use the same Echino stuff hee hee, such great fabric eh. My thoughts are with you, going through all these things sweet X

  9. Veronica TM avatar

    soak you pisces fish, charlotte, you have been through a lot.

  10. Alison avatar

    Guess I better go back to Linnet again now then.

  11. Amber avatar

    Yes, I know this sorting routine from when my grandmother passed away. It is very emotionally draining—for me, it wasn’t all bad emotions but still very tiring.

    I love that linen yarn! Those shades are absolutely lovely. Again, someday I’ll try my hand at making doilies…

  12. ievute avatar

    it’s raining outside almost all week long here in Denmark. I crawled under the blanket with a cup of fruit tea and read your post – it made me smile. So warm and cosy 🙂
    I really hope you will find those dresses! 🙂

  13. blossom avatar

    i love linnet! i did some swaps with a japanese crafter and she spoiled me with linnet goods! i also like check and stripe ( they are equally addictive!

    i grew up in auckland, which part are you residing? lovely place, i really missed my time there!

  14. Elaine avatar

    Another inspiring post. I spent most of my honeymoon in Japan visiting fabric shops – so great to know I can now buy them online! Thanks for introducing me to Linnet!

  15. Kathy avatar

    oh I so hope you find the dresses.

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