Out with the old…

This weekend I have at long last had the time to sit down quietly and sew to my heart’s content. And because I’ve been having such a big clearout on TradeMe (our eBay equivalent) I’ve been able to return to Linnet again (just in case I’d forgotten anything) – although really I need to be saving for the Paris fleamarkets.

More stuff leaving the house today. More things being listed. I love having a massive clear out. And this is quite a ruthless one. I’ve got four months to whittle myself down to my most important belongings.


So I ordered some grey cotton from said only shop in the world, and low and behold it’s double gauze. Now that’s funny because just a week or two ago I thought I would lose my fear of double gauze and buy some of that beautiful Nani Iro I keep longing for but never dared sew.


It’s amazing what one can squeeze out of a half metre of fabric. Although with the dress I’ll be ordering at least 0.6m next time. I had to do very bad things to the sleeves. The shorts are so cute – the cotton crochet lace is from Linnet – I used the pattern from Girly Style Wardrobe , and the dress pattern is from Koharu no Fuku.






16 responses to “Out with the old…”

  1. Lindy avatar

    I love the simplicity of the shirt

  2. Ravenhill avatar

    Charlotte, the shorts are adorable! I love how you have done them with the pretty fabrics and lace. They are highly original. I hope you are doing well. What is this about Paris fleamarkets? Are you going to make a trip to Europe?

  3. jen avatar

    whats your trademe name?

    its lovely

  4. Line avatar

    They are both gorgeous, I love the fabric you used for the shorts!

  5. Christine avatar

    I love them – they are beautiful.

  6. Creature of Habit avatar

    I love those bloomers/ shorts. Very pretty!

  7. leslie avatar

    soooooo gorgeous! the wee shorts are absolutely adorable.

  8. Alicia A. avatar

    They are both so simple and perfect.

  9. Steph avatar

    OK I’m missing something about Paris here I think….

  10. lesley avatar

    Ooh are you off to Paris you lucky thing?!! p.s. Love that little dress, it’s adorable and the shorts are so pretty.

  11. di avatar

    The shorts are so adorable. I love the way the way the large scale print works on such a small garment.
    Purge away- It’s such a good feeling to do, but it can be so time consuming. So congratulations on finding some time to sew in all that!

  12. suzy avatar

    They are both gorgeous, well done!
    When are you off to Paris?

  13. Megan Rose avatar

    Oh! Those pants are divine. I just wish I had a little girl to put them in…

  14. Alison avatar

    Adorable 🙂
    Including the Paris plans.

  15. Alex avatar

    I have one meter of the very same Nani Iro. Orange, yellow and purple, so nice together. Was it so different so work with double gauze? I think it is great to work with. Especially when sewing by hand. So soft yet controllable.

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