Nani Iro sewing patterns + Paris

Thanks to Jen for the link to the nani iro site, I happened upon a heap of patterns for download. Follow this link and navigate by clicking the pictures or the dates on the top nav (as long as you stay within the sewing section). I want to make the baby bloomers!

And a few of you have asked about Trade Me and Paris. A clue: it’s easy to guess my Trade Me name. And Paris, yes we’re going on holiday to Paris in July. Which is slightly connected to us having a massive clearout… slightly.



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12 responses to “Nani Iro sewing patterns + Paris”

  1. lies avatar

    How lovely! Ta for sharing sweet.
    X Lies

  2. Kielz avatar

    LOL After this morning I was trying to figure out the “Paris” bit. Then this afternoon I thought I would find you on Trademe. Which of course I did – it was my 3rd username guess ehehe. Comments on your auction confused me more so then I came back and found this. Pretty exciting stuff and being nosy can’t wait to hear more! Now I must go and ask a question on one of your auctions.

  3. Tamara avatar

    We visited Paris last year and had a wonderful time.
    Thanks for the link – beautiful things.

  4. Kate avatar

    Fantastic link! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ann avatar

    I thought when you were talking about Paris that you might be moving back to London! Lovely, Paris. How exciting.

  6. Yvonne avatar

    ooooooo Paris …. ;o)

  7. Amy avatar

    Am loving the link. Now I am wishing I paid more attention in Japanese classes at school.

  8. Veronica TM avatar

    paris? how wonderful! i cannot wait to see your photos and the things you bring back with you.

  9. Steph avatar

    So jealous, the mention of visiting Paris fleamarkets had me calling you names lol. I must be thick, I can’t guess your TM name lol

  10. joanna avatar

    thanks for the link and share!! =)

  11. Hanna avatar

    thanks so much for the great link, I’ve already made one of the tops. i love those japanese designs. I’ve already bought one japanese sewing book and I’m coveting more :o)
    Great blog by the way, nice to read nz blogs

  12. kirsten avatar

    thanks for the brilliant link! love it.

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