London here we come

Tickets just booked for May 31st.
One way. Back home. (We have two hometowns).

Just how much longer can I contain my excitement?
If I count on my fingers it’s only three and a bit months.


View from Waterloo Bridge Jan 2006


Kevin, Waterloo Bridge Jan 2006



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19 responses to “London here we come”

  1. kevin avatar

    What is going to be fun is having Astrid with us (except for the flight)

  2. blossom avatar

    yay!! where in london will you be living? when i first arrived in london, my sister found us a really (REALLY) tiny flat on high st. kensington. i miss london!

  3. Alison avatar

    Liberty, watch out!
    Congratulations and what an exciting move!

  4. lies avatar

    Oh you lucky noodles. But. I will miss. y’all…
    X L

  5. Nicky avatar

    you’re moving back to london? but I’ve only just got settled over this end of the world. dammit!

  6. jen avatar

    safe travels how exciting

  7. Megan avatar

    I hope it is even better than you are dreaming of, returning home.

  8. itziar avatar

    oh my!! so soon!! no wonder you’re excited… it is indeed a big adventure, isn’t it??
    Astrid’s gonna think winter is a legend :o)

  9. di avatar

    So exciting. and scary. and exciting. and scary (well, that’s how I think I would be feeling if I was in your shoes)
    Good luck with all the preparations!

  10. emily avatar

    oh wow! congratulations! can’t wait to hear details.

  11. tommy avatar

    I remembered receiving my one way ticket to London too. Hope the move will be smooth!

  12. Yvonne avatar

    At last!! The word is out … YAY!!

  13. marie avatar

    i’ve just stumbled on your lovely! goodluck with the move too!

  14. kimberlee avatar

    everyone is leaving, but really we’re not jealous.


    oh to have two homes, I know exactly how that feels.


  15. Pink Sun Drops avatar

    Do you actually live in separate towns at different parts of the year or is your heart just in two places? I understand the latter, but I think the former would be so hard! Nonetheless I’m excited for you!!

  16. lottie avatar

    hooray! tres exciting. I was walking where kevin is in the above shot just last night.

  17. alison avatar

    Oh you lucky thing you! I’m almost ready for my first trip home. We have June/July 2009 in our heads for a possible date.
    How long will you be living there for? I need DETAILS!!!!!

  18. melissa avatar

    this is really wonderful news, charlotte. i’m so happy for you! to have two hometowns in the world, now that is a lovely thing.

  19. Lindsay avatar

    I’ve just come across your blog, love your beautiful things, especially the girls clothes. London is our hometown too, hope you enjoy being back, it really is an exciting place to be. It’s a beautiful, chilly, blue sky day in London town today!

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