On colour

I’m not making much at the moment. Putting fabrics together and looking at them. Yes. Washing, sorting, clearing. Yes. That also. Thinking about combinations. Fabric synergies. In aromatherapy, two oils together, combined, can have a far more powerful healing effect than the two oils used separately. It’s a chemistry thing.

Recently I bought some Lotta from Leslie. The yellow seems to have captured my heart. All-encompassingly. It could be a serious possibility that this is the nicest fabric I’ve ever come across. Really really truly. The brown is rather gorgeous. But it’s the yellow I adore.


This morning I went back for this one, this one and this one. It’s just so jolly great. Really jolly great. There’s one piece of the brown left – it is such a beautiful texture, and colour… and the shipping is most reasonable.

The other colour I’m daydreaming about is emerald green. Deep, mysterious, lovely, Cheltenham Beach on an overcast day, magical, sublime, exquisite emerald green. Oh I love you so. You will be delicious with my yellow lotta skirt you will. You’ll make the perfect double gauze dyeing project. Now, I mix you with Neroli and share you around. One day I’ll make shoes in you and wear them forever.

picture from Travaux et Mode







7 responses to “On colour”

  1. leslie avatar

    charlotte. i am glad you are loving the yellow lotta as much as me. i have some saved for curtains. whoohoo!!

  2. Violet & Rose avatar

    Good job on going back for the orange. Hard to leave that one behind.

  3. joanna avatar

    nice fabrics indeed!

  4. Belinda avatar

    pictures really don’t do it justice, the texture is truely lovely!

  5. erin avatar

    oh that green. that is my favorite green.

  6. heather avatar

    thank you so much! i was just on etsy and going to buy a bag made of the red lotta. then i saw your link and found the fabric, so i can make it just how I want it!! thank you for sharing!!

  7. kimberlee avatar

    this post has me smiling charlotte, I think we all have been swept off our feet by colour and fabric, or else we wouldn’t be in this ‘business’ right?

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