The best pumpkin in the history of the world

Available right now at Harvest in Grey Lynn. It is complete and utter true perfection. I might be quite the pumpkin fan. But this is good. Really good. Bright orange outside. Bright orange inside when cooked. A dry-ish, compact texture. Bursting with delicious full pumpkin flavour.


Thursday, pumpkin and chorizo risotto. Tonight, peri peri chicken from Westmere with roast pumpkin, garlic mushrooms (and a side of alfalfa and viniagrette). Tomorrow baked pumpkin with tofu. And then I’ll be over it and won’t eat pumpkin again until September.






9 responses to “The best pumpkin in the history of the world”

  1. marie avatar

    i love pumpkin..ive never had one so orange on the outside! miam!

  2. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    Try baked pumpkin with feta and pinenuts (and fettucine – possibly spinach)

  3. di avatar

    Sounds delicious. Lovely photo too. Orange and black. Mmmmm

  4. martha avatar

    yum. I wish it was pumpkin season here…
    Love the photo. I thought it was a basketball at first:)

  5. kimberlee avatar

    you know, we didn’t eat pumpkin in the usa so I am glad I moved here and got set straight. pumpkin in curry is devine

  6. Rach avatar

    I love pumpkin – would you share the recipe for the pumpkin and chorizo risotto? Just sounds fab!

  7. Tiel avatar

    mmm, pumpkin, except my son hates it so I don’t get to cook it as often as I would like.

    I love a creamy, pumpkin and pancetta risotto.

  8. Amber avatar

    Oh, you’re enjoying the Fall, huh?! Here I am in spring… Pumpkin season is one of my all-time favorite times of the year. Also, there are so many wonderful recipes for pumpkin and squash and those dishes you mentioned sound delicious!

  9. Ravenhill avatar

    Happy fall to you and spring to us in Norway! I hope all is well with you! Your shop is looking wonderful!

    Warm wishes for a nice fall day from emily in Norway

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