Dreaming of London

Things are falling into place left, right and centre.

Our new home is all organised; we’ll be moving into quite the bohemian cottage – in my old street, only paces from the southern entrance to the Heath – very close to Parliament Hill. Right next door to my best friend, who’s moving back next week. Yep. Right next door, and with a big sunny garden for frolicking cats and playing children. And it really is a little cottage. Two stories, original Victorian wrought iron spiral staircase, exposed beams, a courtyard and stable gates out front, loads of character. Eeeee!


Friends are moving into our house the day after we fly out. By some miracle Astrid’s into our first choice for daycare – just up the road from our new home, in South End Green. The cats are all booked to fly up in July and Kevin’s already in the head hunter’s books.

I can barely contain my excitement about the Fashion and Textiles courses at Central Saint Martins. Heck there’s even the long dreamed of shoe design course. Surface pattern design and fabric design courses – all booked and ready for Summer School – and just a quick ride away on the 24 bus. I’ll be working up my designs on a new souped-up iMac. Poor old G5 and 23 inch monitor will simply be too big for the cottage.

Then of course there’ll be the knitting classes at Loop. Shopping at Liberty (oh yes, of course everyone knows that) and searching for The Good Wool. Money is now being saved like mad. Online fabric shopping has altogether lost its appeal.

Daydreaming about London is my new hobby. Come on June, come on!







29 responses to “Dreaming of London”

  1. Alicia A. avatar

    Wow- It all sounds fairly magical. June will be here before you know it!

  2. amy avatar

    oh yay! i love my old home town (4 years in notting hill count to make it a home town, no?)!! enjoy, also on behalf of all us former londoners. and the house? dreamy! pictures will be required as soon as you get there!

  3. leslie avatar

    so crazily excited for you!!!

  4. Ann avatar

    Charlotte, it sounds so exciting! I love summer in London.

  5. Alex avatar

    Das klingt wirklich zu schoen um wahr zu sein… wonderful. I’d join you at once… for a month, and then go back to Japan 🙂

  6. Ali avatar

    I can feel the excitement from here!

  7. erin avatar

    i am thrilled for you!

  8. lesley avatar

    All so exciting!! Your house sounds amazing! And June will be here before we know it!

  9. Polly avatar

    I used to live very near Parliament Hill, in the Hollylodge Estate. I particularly miss the Heath and Highgate Village. Lucky you. Polly x x x

  10. Emily S. avatar

    God, I’m so excited for you, I can hardly stand it!

    I want to see pictures of the house too!

  11. Alison avatar

    Very jealous.
    Time for a trip back I think.

  12. lottie avatar

    oh man, your cottage sounds fantastic!
    it is really coming together, so pleased for you.

  13. kimberlee avatar

    yes it sounds amazing! and everything is lining up just perfect for you guys, it was meant to be!

  14. Creature of Habit avatar

    This sounds wonderful and exciting. Our friends just moved back from London (to San Fran)…..I’m starting to itch for a change! This is inspiring!

  15. marie avatar

    wow! and the cottage sounds magical!

  16. Gracey avatar

    Oh, wow! This is so exciting! The cottage sounds wonderful!

  17. Diana avatar

    Oh, this takes me back, all so familiar. You’ve chosen a great part of town right by the heath. If you can find the time whilst packing up, I’ve tagged you! Diana x

  18. Amber avatar

    Wow, I’m wanting to live vicariously through you, it sounds so wonderful!! Take a few knitting courses at Loop for me, please?! 😉

  19. alison avatar

    Some things are just meant to be. Give my love to my homeland.

  20. tommy avatar

    Friend next door is so perfect! My only friend in London (outside of work) lives a few minutes down the road but we hardly see each other.

    Everything sounds so great for you!

  21. Helen avatar

    Yay, the universe is saying go for it!

  22. Sarah avatar

    totally jealous! Hopefully we can hook up at some point when I’m back in town – that’s my favourite bit of the Heath right there.

  23. Kajsa avatar

    Oh, wow! That all sounds so smooth, I hope you are spreading some good vibes in this direction. We are hopefully moving to Helsinki in July, I wish someone would fix a cottage and daycare arrangements for us. Then it would be so easy…

  24. Megan avatar

    That’s really awesome, Charlotte, all of it. My move to the Hutt Valley just isn’t engendering the same kind of excitement…

  25. di avatar

    Wow- I’m so impressed at how much you’ve been able to organise, and so far in advance. Great to hear it’s all coming together so well. Sounds like a fantastic new hobby you have!

  26. Jennifer avatar

    Everything sounds so exciting! All of the work of moving will be worth it. What a summer you have ahead of you.

  27. Nonnie avatar

    Oh wow, how exciting! It’s been ages since i’ve dropped by to say hello, didn’t realise your move was so soon. Don’t know that part of London at all as I’ve always been a south west London girl and now I’ve just become an Oxfordshire girl, although still a ‘Chelsea girl’ during the day at work. Getting used to a very long commute! Don’t know how long I’ll keep that up! Looking forward to hearing more about your new house, and hopefully pictures to share with us all when you get there. It sounds just perfect. And you’re really putting me to shame with all those courses. I really don’t make the most of London!

  28. alice avatar

    Oh wow! Good luck. I went to CSM. I hope that you enjoy it.

  29. kali avatar

    Just ‘heard’ your exciting news.
    Lucky duck!

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