Helvetica the film


Can’t wait to see this. A film about my favourite font. Astrid came rather close to being called Helvetica and I dare say the next one might come even closer.

Helvetica is a documentary about typography and visual culture – featuring interviews with Eric Spiekermann, Stefan Sagmeister and Neville Brody amongst others. It’s on at the World Cinema Showcase throughout NZ in April. There are still some international screenings – have a look here and scroll down to 2008 to see if there’s one near you. Londoners can see it at the Barbican on April 26th. And if you miss it you can always get the DVD.






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  1. Teresa avatar

    I saw this at the film festival last year. Eric Spiekermann is a hilarious interviewee!

  2. carlene avatar

    You’ll love it! (I believe I remember reading that designer Tibor Kalman (R.I.P.) gave his daughter the middle name of Bodoni, his favorite font.

  3. lottie avatar

    oh, thank you, thank you – I didn’t realise it was on again at the barbican. we missed it the last time around at the bfi and ica although an episode of alan yentob’s imagine programme looked at it in depth. it feels like you’re really getting into london life again – lovely.

  4. kimberlee avatar

    i have heard this is good.

    fancy naming your kid after a font, you make me laugh. I love the idea!

  5. Heather avatar

    Oh yes, it’s a great film, you will love it! It is also available in the US through Netflix, I think it’s even an ‘instant view’ film.

  6. Berlinswhimsy avatar

    Wow, this sounds like a film I would love!!

  7. Sarah avatar

    I can’t believe I still haven’t seen it especially now i live in Helvetia (Switzerland)… lovely to see it used so much though, electricity bills, official documents, passports, the whole shebang.

  8. Kajsa avatar

    My sister talked passionately about that film, I’m sure it is worth seeing!

  9. tessa avatar

    i’ve heard this is a great film, i definitely want to see it as well! and helvetica would be actually be a pretty nice name for a little girl, though i think nickname options might be a little limited. 🙂

  10. Rach avatar

    What a great idea for a film – will definately look for the DVD. All this talk of the Barbican and London makes me a little sad – I miss living in London…

    Your post also sparked an interesting conversation at home – if you were a font, which one would you be?

  11. MC avatar

    I dunno, you know, a movie about a font? Really? I’m skeptical. I mean how long can that film possibly be, 7 minutes? 12 tops?

  12. leslie avatar

    we just saw it, loved it. really shocking how perfect one font could be, brilliant.

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