Yesterday Astrid sat on the chair. She climbed up on her own and sat down. She then climbed up and over the arm of the sofa into the parents-only area (a tray on the back of the sofa) where mummy and daddy put things like remote controls, cups of tea and glasses of wine, Japanese books and books on Paris.


Astrid whizzed up and down, up and down, up and down the sofa, like the blue racer, giggling in great fits of glee. Every now and again she’d stand up and flick through the Paris books and grab at the remotes before resuming the hilarious crawling laps of the sofa.


With her newfound climbing ability Astrid spent the rest of the afternoon jumping up and down on the green chair. All in her lovely new Autumn shorts. Linnet wool exterior and cotton crochet trim, Karen Walker cotton voile lining in navy.






16 responses to “Milestones”

  1. erin avatar

    fun times!

  2. suzy avatar

    She looks so proud! Very cute, and gorgeous shorts.

  3. kimberlee avatar

    looks like its time to find a new place for the tray 🙂

  4. hanna avatar

    what a little cutie, she does look pretty proud of herself. I love her fancy pants.

  5. Creature of Habit avatar

    That all sounds like very exciting stuff for a wee one! She looks very proud of her feat!

  6. Emily S. avatar

    My god, she is so adorable on that chair! Go, Astrid, go!

  7. Steph avatar

    uh oh, nothing is safe now! She’ll be trying her climbing skills on everything.

  8. Nicola avatar

    What a cutie! Love your green chair also.

  9. di avatar

    How cute! C started clapping today, so I feel know the joy that you’re experiencing.
    And is that a Liberty cushion I spy?

  10. Alison avatar

    Welcome to the next 5 years of your life. This evening, Max removed all the cushions, including base and backs, and created a racetrack so he could ‘practise’ and become super fast.

    For all those sofa races.

    Pia watched on with glee.

  11. Arch avatar

    That is so sweet:-))
    Astrid is growing up really fast:-))

  12. Tiel avatar

    we have a ‘ledge’ on the back of our couches too. OUr kids often discover empty coffee cups, port glasses, crochet hooks etc on them. Next thing you know she will be making the couch into a cubby house. All the cushions will be on the floor!

    enjoy the moments.

  13. lies avatar

    Ah. Cuteness on a chopstick! Well done choppykins.
    X L

  14. melissa avatar

    those shorts + astrid = perfection!

  15. robyn avatar

    what a sweetie-pea!

  16. mrs. french avatar

    Astrid is a pumpkin. I love that we, as parents, find beauty and amazement in all the small things.

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