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I’m dotting the out-takes from 44 times two around today. In between working, packing and looking after one very teething child I went out barefoot in the rain to pick some autumn flowers. It’s fun looking back through flickr to see last year’s autumnal flower arranging. And to see what else happened today in history.

In other news I am an aunt, Kevin’s an uncle and Astrid has a new cousin. Welcome to the world Madeleine Sidney Franklin. Little fish. Hooray!

The practicalities of the week involve packing packing packing. Teeth hurting. Or the space where my wisdom teeth once were. Hurting. Shipping people coming on Wednesday. To pack. To take away. To send our things ahead of us. Things to be in London when we arrive.

And for me to decide which fabric to keep behind for my summer dresses.

I’ve also got to say sorry and thank you to so many people – for lovely comments, emails, tags – I’ve not been able to reply and say thank you to some people – I’ve got the risotto recipe coming in a post one day – there are links to share, photos to show, things to do. For now all for another day. Life’s piling up. But one day. One day. I’ve not forgotten.







8 responses to “Behind the scenes”

  1. martha avatar

    sending good packing vibes your way:)

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    Moving is rough. I wish you an uneventful and speedy transition! 🙂

  3. Megan avatar

    Taking a barefoot walk in the rain to pick flowers when life is piling up on you sounds like a perfect antidote to me. Love these anemones.

  4. Rach avatar

    Lordy, lordy, lordy – I had my wisdom teeth out last year and even under IV sedation, it was terrible. Actually the recovery was the terrible bit. Minnie was about 19months old at the time. The morning after the op, before I had a chance to drug up on more painkillers the toddler had a major melt down (screaming, throwing etc), the cat had the pooped all over the laundry and I couldn’t get out of bed to the drugs. I can laugh now but it was a horiffic scene at our house that morning. I don’t think my husand will ever recover from what he had to deal with in the laundry. Anyhow, good luck with the packing – awful job.

  5. kimberlee avatar

    congratulations and yeah! a new friend for astrid.

    it was nice seeing you on sunday. I hope the packing is going well, as uaual you are up to more than I can imagine undertaking.


  6. Nanette avatar

    You are one crazy, crazy girl. I love how you are picking up and transplanting to London and what luck that things have fallen into place as they have. I’m thinking of you at this busy, busy time. So very thrilling! Well done.

  7. Ravenhill avatar

    Wow, there is just so much going on for you. I wish you serenity throughout! Happy last minute packing and have a great move. I love reading how you take the time to enjoy the little things despite all that you have to do and your painful mouth. Heal swiftly!


  8. nichole avatar

    Love the flower photo…cheerful on this gray day!

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