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A friend emailed me a few weeks ago with a link to the Shinzi Katoh shop. I’d done a little research and visited the shop following Leslie’s amazing encounter – but it’s always more motivating when you’ve had a friend tell you you really really must look, NOW!

So I had a proper look this time round, and was, to a degree, sensible, because I’ve handed all my shop money over to the Moving To London Fund. Which has put a bit of a dampener on the old shopping in Japan business.


I was going to make Astrid a bag with this canvas – and I knew I wanted to keep a metre of my organic voile back for lining – but I couldn’t for the life of me remember why at the time so it’s packed and gone. I am loving these linen tapes – so cute – and so many to choose from! And of course the fabric section is rather exciting too.


After I’d managed to check-out in Japanese I discovered there is an English shop – which doesn’t contain the full range although you can ask for items from the Japanese shop. However if you want the full Japanese experience without knowing Japanese, I’ve made a tutorial here.

Please let me know if there’s anything missing. And if someone can enlighten me on what one should put under ‘furigana’ I would be most grateful. As I’m sure would be the Shinzi Katoh people who will get people saying ‘miss’ for that!






9 responses to “Shinzi Katoh shopping”

  1. lies avatar

    Massive! I am a heavy fan of the Shinzi and now thanks to you will ‘sponsor’ their business ie shop shop shop some more!!!
    X dankjewel!

  2. kat avatar

    oh I love Shinzi stuff. I’ve been eying some of the bags for awhile now. My problem? I don’t know which ones to buy… I want all of them!

  3. marie avatar

    beautiful things!
    ill have to have a look..but will have to be careful (i have a moving fund too)
    merci for sharing too!

  4. suzy avatar

    Nice tutorial! I have been haunting the Shinzi Katoh site lately too, I want to order a couple of the aluminium drinking bottles and a bento box.
    Furigana is where you write your name in hiragana (so they can tell how to pronounce the kanji, if you’re Japanese) so it is probably safe to leave blank. Or put Miss!

  5. charlotte avatar

    hey suzy – thanks for that – I left it blank and got an error message – but just could not work out what ‘character set’ meant – so ‘Miss’ it is !

  6. hanna avatar

    oh gorgeous, what great stuff. It’s in my favourites quietly waiting until I have some pocket money!

  7. kimberlee avatar

    some pretty things there!

    hope all is well, will you be around for the next craftwerk? in early may?


  8. Kristel avatar

    Shinzi Katoh is amazing! So is your blog.

  9. mrs. french avatar

    What a magical find! Thanks for sharing!

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