Yesterday Astrid took her first steps. Today she left the house for a walk with a new nanny. They’ll be back soon.


As the souls of the autumn leaves slip quietly into the sky and their bodies shatter underfoot, another year passes – another circle of time completes. This is my time of year; when nature speaks loudest – the colours intense, rich and vivid, the light moody and sharp, the air teeming with atmosphere.

So close to the end… things never seemed more alive.







11 responses to “Turning”

  1. joanna avatar

    what a lovely shot!

    i’m still waiting for my baby to start crawling…=)

  2. kevin avatar

    your writing just keeps getting better, as does your photography. x

  3. Alex avatar

    Really beautiful photo. Love the colours. Have started a new block for my star quilt yesterday in similar shades, so nice to encounter them here, too.

  4. lilou avatar

    pretty picture, pretty yexy…bravo Astrid for your first steps…

    des bisous

  5. Carla avatar

    kevin said it!…

  6. lies avatar

    Beautiful words C and wonderful image.
    And she is walking!!! Amazing isn’t it, she is walking!!!
    X Lies

  7. Alison avatar

    walking walking, then talking talking.
    All such wonderful things to be a part of their lives with 🙂

  8. Rach avatar

    How lovely – pretty petals and a little girl on the move.

  9. kimberlee avatar

    way to go baby chops!

  10. di avatar

    Oh my. Exciting moments. So special to observe and remember.

  11. yuuco avatar

    Just lovely. Ephemeral beautifulness.

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