This year I decided to actually lose the baby-weight I oh so efficiently gained (on medical instruction I might add) in the last two months of pregnancy. I had been so incredibly annoyed with myself every single day last year, that on New Years day I thought fuck it, I’m buying some scales and going on a diet.


After I’d had Astrid, I rather fancifully imagined the weight would simply melt away quietly – that by having my macrobiotic cook books on the kitchen shelf I would, by osmosis, revert to my pre-pregnancy macrobiotic ways without actually doing so. I can now officially report back that the Charlotte’s by Osmosis Macrobiotic books in Bookshelf diet DOES NOT WORK.

I can however announce that by using this website to keep a food diary and some bloody-minded persistence – motivated by sheer desperation to make my own clothes and fit the Japanese sizes – I am, as of today, officially a ‘normal’ weight for my height. To celebrate I’ve made myself another dress (marc jacobs jersey knit in grey), and another’s ready (nani iro black pixels) for hemming today.

{ Yes, that is yoghurt on my clothes; I am standing in our messy junk room that needs painting and yes I have chopped all my hair off }







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  1. kirsten avatar

    well, congratulations are in order – damn hard work to lose weight, isn’t it. good for you!
    [and your dress looks fantastic.]

  2. leslie avatar

    whoohoo! times two. whoohoo! i am so excited. and this is a great encouragment. i ate macrobiotically for a whole year. loved it. felt good. but have been off it this last year. and slowling convincing myself to start again. this is what i needed. a little macrobiotic encouragement from you. and you look fabulous!!

  3. alison avatar

    Clapping and cheering as I type. Now that’s not easy you know!
    Well done you! Svelte and ready for London! Hoorah!

  4. Alicia A. avatar

    I think you look great!

  5. Kielz avatar

    Well done! I love that dress!!!!!!! Have saved that site to my del.icio.us but I must remember that osmosis doesn’t work – darn it!

  6. kevin avatar

    I think you look great too. But then I always did. x

  7. lilou avatar

    BRAVO!!!!!!! you look great and i love your hair short! SAme problem here and i confirm, osmosis doesn;t work too bad… OK i will look at your website and start as soon as i have moved in my new house…monday???

    KISS from Dublin

  8. lies avatar

    Yes often diet schmiet. Kevin you’re a sweet commenting on yer lass. C ya look stunning, yoghurt becomes, cute dress, e viva la ropa roja. Heeeee : I’ve some of the black pixels as well!!!! Can’t wait to see the result.
    X L

  9. Yvonne avatar

    Wooooooooooh!! Go you, I’m so proud but also really jealous. You look really good in that dress. And maybe short blond hair … it will be a new you :o)

  10. erin avatar

    good for you, charlotte. you must be super proud! and your hair looks so cute.

  11. Montse(ta) avatar

    Congratulations! So difficult to stick to a diet… Your hair looks great. When I cut mine I realise what a difference it makes whan I wash it in half the time!

  12. Alex avatar

    You look great, Charlotte!
    I am still kind of hoping for the “melting away”… and cut my hair today, too!

  13. Creature of Habit avatar

    I love the hair!

    Losing weight sucks a big fat one. I just want it to go away on it’s own. Why doesn’t it?

    Good for your for being persistent, I crave for a tiny bit of that….ten pounds is all I need to disappear. *sigh*

  14. joanna avatar

    you are looking good!! ^_^

  15. Jen avatar

    What perseverance. Its going on 2.5 years for me since the birth of my last child. You’ve inspired me to stop thinking about it and just do it. Great Job!

  16. kimberlee avatar

    wow c, good job! you look amazing and I am off to visit that site.

    ps osmosis doesn’t work, huh? not even if I stand really close to you?

  17. Di avatar

    Congratulations! You look great and the dress is fabulous! Can you send some of that bloody-mindedness my way – I could do with it!

  18. martha avatar

    you look great! congratulations.

  19. di avatar

    Gosh I’m so shocked that the first diet didn’t work. Really. But congrats on getting your weight back to normal the hard way. And for making yourself some gorgeous clothes to feel beautiful in.

  20. Alison avatar

    Took me nine months to loose it, and it was hard work. Now my aim is to keep it off.

    And did you say fuck?

  21. amy avatar

    well done!!!! you look fabulous – and the haircut is darling!

  22. emily avatar

    you’re adorable. love the hair. (and the osmosis diet.) what an accomplishment!

  23. melissa avatar

    you look fantastic, charlotte. i think i need that website. and some of your persistence! yep, i need that more. 🙂

  24. ievute avatar

    with such attitude I’m sure there aren’t impossible things for you 🙂

    you look great!

  25. Ravenhill avatar

    Wow, Charlotte! So wonderful to see what you look like – marvelous – you go girl! I love your dress and you have curls too!

  26. becca avatar

    Alright, another mom who can drop the f-bomb once in a while. The weight comes off but my body has never gone back to the perky 24yr old. Like the dress!

  27. hanna avatar

    ooh nice dress, it looks good on you. Looks like a japanese pattern?

  28. Veronica TM avatar

    you and the dress look beautiful!
    congratulations on losing the weight, charlotte!

  29. jimin/smallville avatar

    you look lovely. love your new hair cut, too.
    you are moving to london. how exciting. i never been to london but, always dreaming of living there. i hope everything goes well with moving. 🙂

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