We finally got a nanny for Astrid. Just before we leave. Don’t tell, but we’ve got Mary Poppins. She talks to Astrid all day long, sings songs, whistles, plays games, makes jokes, feeds, bathes, entertains, laughs, claps. She is Astrid’s friend. It’s brilliant hearing the goings on during the day while I’m working here in the office; Astrid’s squeals, laughter and mirth! I am tempted just to go and join in the fun.


But I’ll work instead. Work to get things finished. Work to tie up all loose ends. Work for clients. Websites for clients. Ads for clients. I’d forgotten how much I love my work. It’s a disaster trying to work and look after child, but independent again – out doing things, taking photos, visiting showrooms, coveting chairs, a little swap here and there – I couldn’t be happier.

My calendar now says just over five weeks. Five and a bit weeks ’til a little holiday in Singapore. Six weeks ’til our cottage by the Heath. And my London fantasy today? Walking up to Mistry’s in South End Green to buy Caerphilly cheese and oat cakes for afternoon tea.






8 responses to “Working”

  1. Deborah avatar

    hi charlotte, it’s so wonderful to read that women can still live their dreams while having their children. you are probably giving your little girl the best gift ever by doing what you’re doing right now.
    hope the rest of your time will go along smoothly and that there are new memories to be had.

  2. kimberlee avatar

    so glad you found a good nanny for baby chops!

  3. alison avatar

    Life sounds good right now. We stopped off in Singapore on our way to NZ. Make sure you visit Kinokuniya on Orchard Road and stock up on your Japanese craft books. That was the highlight of my visit!

  4. charlotte avatar

    yay Alison !! our hotel is conveniently located directly opposite !!

  5. Creature of Habit avatar

    Wow, this sounds like a wonderful adventure…..I can’t wait to read more about it.

  6. Di avatar

    Five weeks is going to fly past so quickly! I really can’t believe that it is going to be June so soon……….

    It’ll be a welcome back to Britain from us then! Prepare for a good old British summer – it was warmer in October last year than in july…………. but the heath so close by will be beautiful!

  7. Alison avatar

    So great for Astrid that she’s having a new friend and learning about new people. Please tell me nanny comes with a black umbrella…

  8. Jackie avatar

    Hi Charlotte, delurking to say not sure if you’re been to Singapore before, but happy to share some suggestions for eating & shopping (Singapore’s two national pastimes) while you’re here.

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