Window shopping…

It’s funny what the clicking of one link can lead to. A link via Blair’s flickr led me to Swallowfield, and one thing led to another and we’ll have this lovely print waiting for us when we arrive in London. And so another thing led to another thing and this is how my quest to collect my favourite blogland shops began.


Veil of Flowers by Swallowfield

Note – images are from the shop websites and are copyright © their respective owners.

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5 responses to “Window shopping…”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    I absolutely love Swallowfield’s collages/prints. I have my eye on one! 😉

  2. erin avatar

    this print of jen’s is gorgeous. nice choice!

  3. hanna avatar

    thanks for al the lovely links, some very sweet things

  4. robyn avatar

    thanks for all the links! i think you got me to spend some (more) money!!

  5. kimberlee avatar

    oh so lovely
    a good choice i think
    and it will be waiting for you, yes!
    what a welcome

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