I am having trouble concentrating. Today I needed to focus. One week of work left. Instead I am having fantasies about lying on hotel beds, eating satay noodles, watching television. Currently I am in love with television. Every night when Astrid is asleep I get out my sketchbook, my pen and pencil and I draw whilst watching crap tele. The other night I inadvertently watched a horror film, dark water, based on a Japanese book. Last night I watched some English drama with lots of people from Spooks in it.

Today I have made notes of nice things, taken some photos, had lunch with Dad. Today I am thankful for my host of moleskines, each with their special task, to help organise my life. I like crossing out tasks completed.







6 responses to “Today,”

  1. leslie avatar

    drawing is important. creating. dreaming. all of it. enjoy your last week of work!

  2. Tiel avatar

    i need to take time away from my computer and do more drawing..and even maybe some more tv watching.

    you sound relaxed and happy.

  3. Creature of Habit avatar

    It’s understandable, you are about to embark on quite an adventure! So exciting, I’m anxious for you!

    Sometimes crap TV hits the spot. We usually reserve it for Thursday (actually, it’s not crap TV, it’s funny, funny stuff) and then fill in as necessary!

  4. melissa avatar

    i really relate to this post. lately i’ve been having trouble concentrating, yet also craving tv. maybe they go hand in hand. i need to get some moleskines.

  5. Sam avatar

    Making lists and crossing things out..yes, most fun!

  6. alison avatar

    I lived by lists before moving to here. Actually, I still do. Keeps me on the straight and narrow.

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