Our lovely morning

This morning we walked down to the Pyrenees for breakfast. A lovely stroll down the hill, through tree-lined streets, past elegant villas with pretty gardens and tall trees.


Mt Albert’s one of the early Auckland suburbs, complete with both Bowling and Croquet clubs. And quite a few two-storey villas. And lots and lots of trees (just none at the bowling club).


Down the second hill – look babychops! There’s daddy pushing you in your pram.


Down the hill for a yummy mocha and croissant sitting at the big rustic, communal table where one may browse old books about Paris, or add delicious morsels to their shopping basket. A place to read the paper, or just to watch the morning go by. Astrid even gets to sit in a very nice highchair when we’re there.


On the walk back home we take a wrong turning and get to see even more lovely houses. Our favourite street is called Violet Street. Mummy also takes lots of photos of her feet in amongst all the autumness on the footpaths near Violet Street.


She took a lot of photos of her feet and a lot of photos of houses she likes, by which to come back and look at to remember the old neighbourhood.


This is mummy’s favourite house. And here are mummy’s feet again with leaves and different flowers in a different location this time. Nearly home.


But not until she trotted up the hill to take another photo of her also-favourite house.


And not until she’s taken a photo of this letterbox tucked neatly inside the local hedge plant whatever it’s called.


Back down the hill, around the corner and there’s daddy pushing the babychops up the road now. Up the tree-lined road that greets us every day on the way home.


And when we arrived home we found a lovely treat in the letterbox, all the way from Sweden.


And what a little treat it is. I think I love the packaging as much as the contents.


See the Manos post for more info. A lovely morning indeed. Hooray for no car!







13 responses to “Our lovely morning”

  1. Di avatar

    Looks like a beautiful walk and a great way of preserving memories! Have you ever read the kids book Frederick by Leo Lionni about the small mouse that takes in the world about him as all his friends are collecting food for the winter, and when the food runs out Frederick keeps the other mice happy by telling them stories of all the wonderful things that he saw! Your little walk reminds me of Frederick.

  2. Alison avatar

    A very wonderful story 🙂

  3. Kielz avatar

    Made me want to go and check out the lovely places blog. What is going to happen to lovely NZ when you go – will someone take it over? I miss the great photos and news. 🙂

  4. Sam avatar

    Oh what a lovely way to spend the morning.

  5. Creature of Habit avatar

    Wow – Mt. Albert is beautiful! What a great neighborhood. Thank you for the tour and photos!

  6. di avatar

    Ah yes, drink it all in while you can. I should have taken more photos.
    And I should read your blog more often. No- actually I shouldn’t. Too many nice things to be excited by.

  7. lies avatar

    Aha! Chops-mother : you will miss it, the mountain!!! You make it look very pretty, but come to think of it, it is!!! Wow that Manos artefact – so stunning!!!
    XXX Lies

  8. Kristine avatar

    Looks like you live in a lovely part of the world. That pretty white house is gorgeous. I think I’d enjoy walking past it on my travels too.

  9. Anthea Sayer avatar

    How beautiful – I love this time of year. I have two favourites streets here in Cambridge that run parallel to the street we live in – full of gorgeous old houses and massive oak trees all losing their leaves.

  10. kevin avatar

    nice pic of the chops!

  11. joanna avatar

    very nice walk indeed!!

  12. Jodi avatar

    Hey C,
    I can now officially ‘blame’ you for having introduced me to blogs and etsy and all other gorgeous but time consuming things…I had recently stumbled across the butterfly ceramic ‘pebbles’ and the beautiful kids site as mentioned on todays entry. Great eyes see alike!!
    Jodi x

  13. Jussi avatar

    ahh! my parents and grandparents live next door to one another in Violet St, Charlotte we were not meant to meet this time around, but when you come home again we really should!

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