Enfant Terrible

My new favourite shop; Enfant Terrible. A shop with many carefully chosen and very beautiful items for babies and children – to wear – to play – to read.


Inside the little parcel that arrived for Astrid today were some very sweet leggings by mor mor rita. I find it terribly exciting the label says made in Brooklyn. We’ve never had clothes from Brooklyn before.


Sweet little leggings – perfect for running around on the Heath – perfect for wearing under little dresses and skirts – perfect for our next summer.







10 responses to “Enfant Terrible”

  1. Megan avatar

    They are quite lovely. I would buy them for the name alone. They are also reminding me how bloody cold I am.

  2. Steph avatar

    The way you write about London I almost wish I was there. And not just because it’s warmer there.

  3. Creature of Habit avatar

    Cute leggings – how lucky that you get summer again!

  4. Linnea avatar

    Cute!! I love the name mor mor rita, too!

  5. robyn avatar

    you paint such a vivid picture!

  6. alison avatar

    That’s a wonderful store.
    Hey, I have a couple of new favourites that might be right up your street as well:

  7. Ravenhill avatar

    They look lovely! How nice to get such treats in the mail! I hope things are going well for you and I wish you a lovely weekend!

  8. you know who avatar
    you know who

    I’m pleased that wee Astrid’s legs will be warm! Seeing her the other wintery day when you dropped off the computer, all barelegged I thought….hardy kid!
    or fool hardy parents!! 😉
    dressing a growing child who’s about to traverse between the hemispheres must be tricky!
    I want some for Lola, to wear with your skirt.

  9. rubydays avatar

    How funny – i have been loving your blog for a couple of months now – and when having just discovered fog linen i immediately thought what a great excuse to post a comment on A&B but i see alison is all over it..
    its a must see though i am now coveting one of those aprons!

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