I really should be working

Um yes. Last week was the last week of work. But this week is the new last week and here I am. Now at my sewing table while the office is being painted, using my old iMac from 2003. This iMac used to live with me in my old house over the road from where we’re moving to in less than two weeks.


We’ve had some beautiful sights in the garden mornings of late. Friday saw me dashing out to capture the night’s rain on the trees. The best photo is over at 44, so you’ll just have to look there to get the treasure.

Speaking of treasure, I was a very lucky lady to receive a little bundle of CDs in the post a few weeks back. I’ve been listening to them on my iMac and I gotta say I’m loving it – music from all over the world – from Africa to New Orleans, Paris to Cuba, Tango to Kids. Excellent fun! So keep your eyes open for my next post because I’ll be giving some away – a leaving NZ present if you like. I might even post them from the airport.

Right. Back to work. Music post coming soon.






11 responses to “I really should be working”

  1. amy avatar

    oh gosh you leave so soon!!!
    how exciting!

  2. kirsten avatar

    love the suspended rain droplets.
    [hope the packing and preparing is going well.]

  3. Steph avatar

    world music is so good to work to, it’s so invigorating

  4. leslie avatar

    i hope your last bit of time. in new zealand. goes super well.

  5. Rach avatar

    How exciting – I am very envious. I think I left a part of me in London – one day we shall return to find it…

  6. Nan avatar

    What a GREAT blog! I just spent about 10 minutes reading it and I loved it – time well spent! Thanks!

  7. Creature of Habit avatar

    Lovely raindrops.

    The blogosphere is crazy in its timing, I have a music post in my ‘drafts’ folder for a new “Spring Music” mix CD I made my sister….it seems that people are looking for new music all over the world! Mine is not finished as I have not made the Cd booklet, but I can’t wait to see what you’ve discovered! I’m always loving new music discoveries.

  8. Yvonne avatar

    Moving soon! How exciting, are you ready for it?

  9. raina avatar

    Beautiful image of the dew drops on the leaves.

  10. Emily S. avatar

    Oh Charlotte, what GORGEOUS rain shots both here and there! Good luck tying up your loose ends before the move.

  11. em.s avatar

    hmmmm. i blog when i am meant to be working ALL the time. And i’m the team leader – oops!

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