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When Putumayo got in touch asking if I’d have a listen to some of their music and write about it on my blog I more than happily agreed. Putumayo is a very cool record label specialising in World Music. They also do kids music – and I knew Astrid would love that!


I’m a bit music deprived sometimes – since I lost my entire CD collection and then had my iPod stolen I’ve sort of learned to live without it. So it’s been lovely indeed to have some tunes to work away to these past few weeks.

I knew my favourite would be Women of Africa, and I’m also mad about the Paris CD – well all of them actually – world music is just so interesting to listen to. There’s a distinct possibility that Music from the Tealands – and from Cairo to Casablanca will end up in my shopping basket very soon.

It’s going to make for excellent afternoons at our new place in London, reading the Guardian, sipping apple tea, the doors and windows flung open, the curtains gently rippling and twirling – feeling as though we’re in a secret art cafe with our interesting music fluttering outside on the summer breeze.

I just can’t shake one of the kids songs out of my head, so all this past week I’ve been singing “don’t ever step on a snake… it would be a big mistake…”

The best thing about the Putumayo site is you can listen to little snippets of the music online. And the other nice thing about them, apart from their diverse array of music is that they support non-profits and have been for the last fifteen years.

Now that’s music worth supporting. You can find out more about them here.

Oh yes. Now I couldn’t keep all this goodness all to myself, so I’m going to randomly give a couple away. Just leave a comment below if you’d like one!






28 responses to “Putumayo World Music”

  1. Steph avatar

    I love listening to world music, and I’m listening to samples of the Paris one right now. Makes me want to book a ticket to France, price be damned!

  2. Aidan avatar

    We’re music deprived down here in Welly!

  3. Mel avatar

    LOL – I see there is a track by Carla Bruni on the Paris CD, I guess she is past all that now!

  4. charlotte avatar

    I think it’s quite a recent release the Carla Bruni song – it’s very very catchy I have to say 🙂

  5. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    I’ve often seen these CDs and wondered what they’re like. Thanks for the review!

  6. Di avatar

    My aunt introduced me to Putamayo when I was in the States years ago – they have some great music! I love the fact that they now do kids music too! Lucky you having them all to listen too!

  7. Ann avatar

    Oh my goodness, I’ve just been to the site for a listen. Gorgeous music!

  8. Kielz avatar

    Don’t you leave in a couple of days? Hope all your flights are on time and you have the inflight fairies take special care of you all. Ooohh I am VERY envious. Thinking about making this happen for me too – but in June 2009. 🙂

  9. Lindy avatar

    oh well if you have to give them away I know a certain almost 2 year old who looves animals and I think I see an elephant. Not that I’m crossing my fingers and toes hoping that one finds its way to Manchester.

  10. pauline avatar

    Have a good journey. Not sure about leaving windows open in the UK at the moment though – I ended up with a lot of rain in my kitchen this morning 🙂

  11. kirsten avatar

    oh, new music! how fabulous.
    [and it MUST be better than the ubiquitous wiggles…]

  12. rachel avatar

    Hi there….weve been listening to a couple of the Putamayo cd’s for a couple of years now and we never tire of them….i love the packaging too…..they are great when we are having parties…love your blog…
    rachel x

  13. Nicole avatar

    Putumayo seems like a very cool company. They also make lovely clothes—I own a few pieces and they’re in heavy rotation in my closet.

    Thanks for the give-away!

  14. aga_d avatar

    hiya 🙂 happy music! i don’t know if i told you but maya loves music. bob dylan and mobi at the moment , not together of course! i can feel your excitement through your paragraph about London, charlotte 🙂

    happy travelling to this side of the world!
    remember to email me your new address, ok?


  15. angie avatar

    Sounds wonderful!

  16. hanna avatar

    yes please, count me in! My sister gave me one called French Playground – and I love it.
    All the best for your travels

  17. Helen avatar

    Bon voyage, Charlotte.

    Can’t wait to read about your adventures in London, and please, if you feel so inclined, do a photo essay and long description of the ‘Loop’ shop so I can travel vicariously through your blog! 🙂

    x Helen

  18. Mina avatar

    Awesome music. I love these! I listen to them at Borders bookstore all the time! : )


  19. Emma avatar

    I love Putumayo, too! Along with the great music and what they do with the money, I like the art they use. Great color!

  20. melissa@yummygoods avatar

    i love putamayo! I am partial to french cafe.

  21. Rach avatar

    Thanks to family spread out all over the world, we have some world music BUT would love more. Our 2 year old loves it! Good luck on the big move.

  22. Jodi avatar

    Step on a snake??? Don’t you love it when childrens lyrics somehow get lodged in your brain for the entire day. Actually, I think I do love it…but only when its not wiggles or dora!! Would these make good shop music?
    Bon Voyage…its almost time xxx

  23. Wylie avatar

    Would love to win a CD! Thanks and bon voyage!

  24. amy avatar

    fun! i’ll take one!

  25. emily avatar

    yes please, yes please. (and how are you doing this when you’re moving in 2 days!?)

  26. Jackie avatar

    Oh the love that World Playground gets in our household. Every morning after breakfast on it goes and the dancing starts. Within a few minutes the front door usually opens and in comes at least one (often 3 or 4) of our little neighbours to dance to “Vadaloo”

  27. alison avatar

    They sell these in the shop in Greytown that also sells English sweet and crisps. Can’t live without them. The Rough Guide people who publish the travel books also produce some world music CD’s. We have a couple and they’re great.
    Would very much like to be in the draw for the giveaway if that’s okay?
    Thanks, Alison.

  28. caroline avatar

    Had to de-lurk to share the Putamayo love. You always know they are going to be good. The kids cd is great. The one that gets stuck in my head is “Papa was king of the Congo, Mama was queen of the mambo…I’m the king of bongo baby, I’m the king of bong-bong!”

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