Well, we all survived the flight – in fact Astrid slept from take-off until they turned the breakfast lights on and we’ve been in Singapore a few hours and she’s asleep again. I’ve got to buy an adaptor to plug the laptop in so no photos yet – the juice on this might run out any minute.

There’s a lovely, comfy super king bed in our room which we’ve been lying in, watching BBC World Service, reading the local Time Out mag. Along with robes and the biggest shower head I think I’ve ever seen our room is surprisingly spacious and even comes with an ethernet cable for old fashioned people like us.

So once Astrid wakes from her nap we’re off for a little exploration down Orchard Road. I did venture out over the road earlier for Panadol and was terribly excited by all the things in the teeny tiny Seven Eleven – and I was also grateful that even though I don’t think I’ve ever been in one before I just knew that was the place to get Panadol. How’s that for brand awareness. Must have watched far too much crap tv in my time.






6 responses to “Singapore”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    Good to know you are all well and safe and asleep! Can’t wait for you to be on European grounds!! Have a good time in Singapore and don’t forget to do some shopping ;o)

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    So glad you arrived safely – can’t wait to see all the photos…..what a great little family unit adventure. How fun!

    I had no idea they had 7-11’s over there. Who knew?

  3. Lindy avatar

    hope your trip continues to go well

  4. Alison avatar

    It is a sad day when you get excited about 7-11’s….!! get thee to a Kinokuniya immediately woman! So glad Astrid was well behaved on the flight, and hoping for more good behaviour to London.

  5. Mel avatar

    OOh, Singapore! We are stopping off there later this week on our way to France. I can’t wait to taste a lime juice with sour plum, it’s my all-time favourite drink.

    I’m glad Astrid coped well with the flight, it makes such a difference, doesn’t it. Good luck for the next leg, remember you’re halfway there now!

  6. Iconoclastic avatar

    Hello from Singapore! I hope you enjoy yourself, even if the weather is a wee too muggy at the moment. And BTW you are here at the right time – the Great Singapore Sale just started; island-wide discounts here you come!

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