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I don’t appear to have taken photos today although I really should have taken some in Muji – the food, oh the Muji food! And we had a perfect lunch at Paragon – which I must say has been the most pleasant place on Orchard Road so far.

Kinokuniya was overwhelming– it being the biggest book shop either of us have seen. Once I found the Japanese language section and then the sewing books I also discovered all the books were wrapped in plastic and more expensive than buying on Amazon.


the sewing shelf at kinokuniya

I photographed a few that looked interesting and beat a hasty retreat to the cafe. Feeling ill in a dizzyingly large bookshop does not make for a good time. It would be a brilliant place to go feeling fit with several hours to spare. The design books looked incredible and the children’s books needed hours of browsing to do them any justice.


We browsed Takeshiyama which was busy and expensive although much of the food in the basement was cheap. And the supermarket had amazingly neat (and tidy) looking fish.


We did stumble across a hidden corner with children’s toy shops full of Haba and Selecta toys and the most amazing shop called The Bookbinders that sold fabric covered books, albums, folders and beautiful cards and envelopes.


It did cross our minds we might be the only people who could spend a day out in Singapore and not buy anything. However I managed to break that by picking up some knickers at M&S. In the same centre was the Apple shop which is also not fun when feeling ill although that did somewhat abate when faced with a wall of Blythe dolls – I can most certainly see why people become obsessive collectors.


It’s been excellent having had the guidance of two locals and we’ve pretty much just been going to spots that have been recommended – this morning that meant a long walk up Orchard Road to Kilkenny Tiam for (very) soft boiled eggs with sweet toast (Astrid was crazy about that) coffee and lime juice. The lime juice is heaven – just like drinking caipariniha (sp?) minus the alcohol.


Oh! Astrid’s just woken up. Better go and ensure she doesn’t fall out of bed again. Bugis Street next.



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5 responses to “Yesterday’s photos”

  1. Thimbleina avatar

    I have just found you via ‘house on hill road’ I really like your blog and love your photos, I think I shall be back for more and putting you on my list of blogs to visit regularly.

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    I’m dizzy with jealousy! The bookstore alone sounds wonderful….I could pass an entire day in there.

    I’ve never seen fish wrapped like chicken/beef….crazy! I think people here would freak out to see fish like that, like steaks. It needs to look like it’s just been hauled out of the ocean and put on ice or else, dried/frozen.

    Muji….sweet sweet Muji….. *sigh*

    Can’t wait for more, hope you feel better soon.

  3. Alison avatar

    So you are on your way to the Uk, and you stop in Singapore….to buy knickers from M+S…………

    The children’s books look great 🙂 I’ll have to watch for them here.

  4. Hannah avatar

    wow, those book covers are just fantastic!

  5. joanna avatar

    yippee!! looks like a great trip!! ^_^

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