Muji food

Had to go back to take photos. This is exactly how I like food packaging if it must be packaged; clinical and uniform.


Fresh produce is another matter altogether of course, so I also love brown paper bags, butter paper and string. There’ll be Borough market and the shop in Belsize Park opposite the tube for that. And Fresh and Wild in Camden.


apple chips top left – deliciously sweet and tart although we suspect they’re fried

The prospect of beginning a new pantry is a most certainly a pleasant one indeed.







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  1. CMN avatar

    Are you going to stop by Raffles Hotel? Last time I was there (okay the ONLY time I was there – walking through as a tourist, not a guest)… there was a Jim Thompson shop in the hotel arcade. The most AMAZING silks and designs! I had just come from Thailand, where we visited three Jim Thompson shops, and STILL I bought more in Singapore. Simply GORGEOUS! If you go and it’s there, please oh please, take a few amazing photographs to share!

  2. Alicia A. avatar

    I was thinking of you today, little traveling family. Be safe.

  3. Sarah avatar

    I live not far from Belsize Park tube! Do you mean the organic shop (Pomona?) – so great & loads of veggie fare. I have a habit of stopping in there on the way home from work…

  4. charlotte avatar

    CMN – we’ve run out of steam after hours of walking this morning and an enormous indian lunch! Jim Thompson sounds well worth a visit but we’ve just run out of time – oh well – next time!!

    Sarah – yes Pomona that’s the one! I love that shop. Belsize Park will be our local tube – we’ll be down the hill in South End Green as of tomorrow 🙂

    Thank you Alicia – nice to know you’re thinking of us.

  5. Di avatar

    Seems like you are having a good trip to Singapore – all that walking and sight-seeing. I love the Muji food store – we used to have a Muji in Glasgow but it closed years ago. I hope that the next leg of your trip goes smoothly! Just keep thinking of all the fun to be had in London!

  6. lottie avatar

    oh I’m so glad you went back and took pictures!
    and welcome back to london, you must be so excited.

  7. Creature of Habit avatar

    Love the pictures! Oustanding – love all that packaging!

  8. Yvonne avatar

    Just got back from Sweden to drop in and see this amazing display of food – it’s like bottle army!! Love it!! I hope you are well and in London by now.

  9. Nonnie avatar

    Love the pictures. Love muji. Just thinking that if you have landed in London some time during the day today then you have probably flown right over me because our office on the Kings Rd is right under the flight path to Heathrow. What a strange thought! I’m glad you are getting a sunny(ish) welcome back to the UK today.

  10. amy avatar

    gosh, i LOOOOVE muji! i can’t believe they carry food now too!

  11. tommy avatar

    I actually miss Singapore a little. Careful when shopping at F&W in Camden! I bought a pack of Dove’s Farms digestives only to discover that some mice had already got to them by the time I got home.

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