At the airport

Two hours till we board. Off to play with Anna Sui cosmetics before we decide what to eat. Probably toast and peanut butter for me and sweet toast for K and A with lime juice all round. Or parma ham pizza. And lime juice.

Today we went to Little India - lots of terribly exotic (to me) photos to download when we get to London. Tekka market was one of those markets I have always wanted to visit – piles of fresh seafood, men hacking meat on enormous wooden blocks, interesting and unusual produce and aisles and aisles of saris to dazzle. Then we had lunch on banana leaves, more lime juice, and we weary family headed back to the hotel for a long lie down before an even longer flight (over 13 hours eep).

Internet free time running out. Feet need resting. And why don’t they have Chanel sunglasses at the airport. Harumpf!






6 responses to “At the airport”

  1. jimin/smallville avatar

    how exciting. have a safe and a wonderful trip.

  2. lies avatar

    Woohoo! Girl! You must be the only blogger to post IN TRANSIT!!! You so coool.

    Soon : welcome home mate!

  3. robyn avatar

    have a calm safe journey!
    exciting stuff!!

  4. emily avatar

    the singapore adventure sounds spectacular. you make me want to take a trip there myself. safe travels, charlotte. see you from london!

  5. q avatar

    enjoyed reading your SG adventures. next time hope on over to kuala lumpur as well 😉

    looking forward to seeing your coming posts :)))

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