I have a slight suspicion my blog has been broken into and I hope I’ve fixed it now. So I’ve just spent half this beautiful Sunday afternoon online, borrowing files from other sites because I can’t hook my little lacie drive up to Steve’s pc – a long and boring story.

But it’s too beautiful to stay inside a minute longer and off I go up to the Heath this glorious glorious afternoon. Photos and a full shopping report tomorrow!






5 responses to “Incommunicado”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    That stinks! Hope everything is ok.

    The Heath sounds marvelous! Can’t wait to hear about how you’re settling in.

  2. Yvonne avatar

    Hope your day was good and glad to see your blog is back. I’ll e-mail you later or tomorrow.

  3. Ali avatar

    That sounds a bit scary. Hope you get it all sorted out.

  4. lies avatar

    Woh a break-in. I didn’t even know such things were real in hyper-space.
    Happy home coming in sunny London!
    X Lies

  5. Alicia A. avatar

    broken into?! yikes. they can do that?

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