Little collections

Before we left I organised a few house warming gifts to self to ensure we had some personal touches to make the house feel like home when we arrived.


Having white walls and high ceilings means I’m more in love with our new home than I think I’ve ever been with a house I’ve been living in. And coming from IKEA-free New Zealand means it’s always doubly exciting to move to Europe and go crazy at IKEA. Twice!


And while we’re on the subject of inbound post – my Superbuzzy order worth $47.00 had a customs charge of £12.22 (£4.22 tax and £8 handling fee). Add on $15.90 for postage and that makes for one heck of an expensive 2.5 yards of fabric. Lucky then that I bought a lifetime’s supply of fabric last year because I don’t think I’ll be ordering any more in a hurry.



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  1. Nonnie avatar

    That’s such a great idea to send house warming gifts to yourself! I’m guessing that you don’t have all your belongings there with you yet? As for Ikea, it’s difficult not to go crazy there, even if you haven’t been living in an Ikea free country!

  2. Steph avatar

    Oh IKEA, I wish. If you ever need superbuzzy fabrics get them sent to a kiwi (I’ll do if you need someone) and have them send them on to you. Sounds like it’d be cheaper by far.

  3. leslie avatar

    happy house warming!!

  4. erin avatar

    your little cottage looks adorable. i know that manda (tree fall) had a post about buying fabric from the u.s. (she’s in england, too) and the customs thing….might be worth checking out!

  5. Jessie avatar

    I don’t think I could survive without Ikea–I might go crazy! :O)

    Where did you get the adorable little plaques in the second picture?

  6. Veronica TM avatar

    such beautiful corners! i am so glad you are settled and happy, charlotte!

  7. Thimbleina avatar

    It is nice to see that you have settled into your new home. Gosh I never realised you get charged all that, I had been wanting some fabric from Superbuzzy but never been brave enough to order, now I have been put off.

  8. Victoria avatar

    Hi Charlotte.
    I didn’t see your comment until just about now.

    I just wanted you to know that I signed up for a dance class in modern/lyrical dance, even though I’ve never danced before. And that is what the blog ment.

    Now you know.
    I hope everything is well.

  9. lies avatar

    Ahhhh. Your house looks light and sweet. We have one print the same. Hey what a bummer on that superbuzzy tax – at least the no tax here in NZ makes up (A BIT) for no Ikea…
    Hope you’r all well and enjoying some fab summertimes.

  10. lilou avatar

    welcome home so!

    your new house look really lovely… and great idea the presents for the house!

  11. CMN avatar

    Oh. Wow. That’s a serious “Ouch!” on the fabric order! So sorry. But, hey, just think of it as motivation to work from The Stash… 😉

  12. Kristy avatar

    I’ve been stung with the customs charge before too.The total value of the goods and shipping hs to be less than £16 which is crazy but doable.Some sites like are kind enough to only mark the value of goods at $20 on the customs labels.
    Glad you love your new house it always helps.

  13. kimberlee avatar

    oh its good to see your space, and I am glad you are liking it.

    I am worried about ikea coming here actually as it will be a blessing and curse.

  14. Irene avatar

    We have just moved house, two weeks next Wednesday. I can testify that it is very important to feel at home. DH wonders why I do not care so much about finding a place for the big stuff, but I think it is important to create little corners of “home” inside the house before everything else falls into place.
    Enjoy your new home and your life in London!

  15. Verity avatar

    Love the prints. And yes! Love Ikea – so handy for setting up home when you move OS. Found your blog through hop skip jump and am loving it already!

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