Here I am

This weekend saw us up in a small village just out of Leeds and a camera full of photos that need downloading. It also saw some lovely charity shop treasures, green and lovely riverside walks, a few treats for the garden and a lot of rain and cold.


The portfolio site is now ready for public view, although I could spend another week on it easily – print and photography aren’t even in there yet. In between interviews and our daily walks and the fact I put half my portfolio on a hard drive in the shipping. What a brilliant idea that was.

Speaking of shipping it arrives here tomorrow. We’ll have sofas and drawers and a decent choice of shoes and clothes. And a grater. And proper big towels. We’ll have cushions, throws, baking dishes and cookbooks. And on Saturday we’ll have cats! Yes! The pussy cats will be here soon – hooray!

So soon things will be more settled. The little house. The little lives. The little jobs. The little garden. Soon things will all be ticking over nicely. Very soon indeed.







8 responses to “Here I am”

  1. erin avatar

    it sounds wonderful…popping over to see your portfolio site now.

  2. leslie avatar

    whoohoo for the rest of your things arriving. your portfolio site. will check it out soon. very soon.

  3. Yvonne avatar

    You have a wonderful portfolio and work will come soon, it always does!

    I’m so excited for you that you’re going to get your stuff tomorrow. I know how it feels to camp in your own house and stuff is actually great although Tracy Chapman thinks we can’t get buried in “our mountain of things” I do believe we can, it makes me really, really happy! So yay for stuff and pussy cats!!

  4. Lindsay avatar

    Hello there

    Sounds like you are settling in very nicely! Have you been swimming in the lido yet? Just had a look at your portfolio site, it’s lovely and I’m sure the work will be flooding in. What made you decide to head back here to London? Enjoy having all your things around you soon (I don’t envy you the unpacking!)

  5. Kristy avatar

    You weren’t far from me then.What tempted you up north?

  6. Alison avatar

    Oh to have one’ things around one….makes a huge difference!

  7. kimberlee avatar

    oh all the little things are coming together.

    I bet the cats are the best thing of all, them and the shoes 🙂

  8. Fiona avatar

    Just had a look at your site. Really great. Pleased for you that all your stuff will be arriving. Especially the cats. Enjoy unpacking all your things.

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