A good reason to start knitting again

I know I’m always saying I can’t knit. Well, I can actually. I can knit little squares. No, they’re not for testing the gauge – that’s my real knitting.


This little blanket was started way way way back in time (here to be precise) and I only got half way before Astrid was born. But now I’m back in the land of being able to buy Debbie Bliss cotton DK in nice colours I might be able to revert it to all lilacs and blues and have it finished on time.

“On time?”, I hear you ask. Yes! On time. In approximately 28 weeks – that’s January to you and me. January. That ought to give me enough time to finish it don’t you think?







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  1. amy avatar

    HEY! Congratulations 🙂 That is such amazing news!!!

  2. Di avatar

    Cool news and a good reason to take up the knitting needles!!

  3. Martha avatar

    Woo! You and me both, sista, although I’m due late December, I tend to run a bit late.


  4. Ali avatar

    Ooh, you slipped that in subtlety! Congratulations.

  5. Victoria avatar

    My second is a January baby – they’re extra special! Congratulations.

  6. Jennifer avatar


  7. Anna avatar

    Oh Congratulations! That is such exciting news.

  8. Lindy avatar

    Congratulations! Happy news.

  9. suzy avatar

    What wonderful news! Congratulations. How have you coped with 1st trimester mixed up with international move? I did that too, and found it quite tiring, even without a little one to chase.
    Hope you stay well, and I’ll look forward to seeing the blanket in all its glory.

  10. Nicky avatar

    Wow! Congratulations! That is so exciting. Get knitting!

  11. erin avatar

    woo hoo! congrats to you and your little family, charlotte!

  12. Steph avatar


  13. Fiona avatar

    Oh, wonderful, wonderful news! Congratulations, Charlotte!

  14. Alison avatar

    You might just get it finished. Just 🙂

    Congratulations, and I want to see stuffed toys please.

  15. itziar avatar

    oh my god! congratulations, Charlotte!! that’s so good news!

  16. emily avatar

    on time!? on time!? i almost missed that. i had to go back and read it again. charlotte, what wonderful news. wishing you well in these next 28 weeks. and, of course, beyond. (ps – did you see sarah’s new gocco swap?)

  17. Creature of Habit avatar

    Congrats! Wonderful news!

    As for the squares – I am not making this up – my sister can only knit squares. She started a very similar blanket (with bigger squares) to this BEFORE her first was born….he is now 7 1/2 years old. And every autumn I get a phone call: ‘How do you cast on again’? Lol….so don’t put it off too long! 😉

  18. pauline avatar

    Congratulations! For a new baby it just has to be knitting, doesnt it?
    Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.

  19. tiel avatar

    congratulations. You know you really need to finish this because once you have another child it may just stay this way forever.

    trust me I have plenty of WIPS in my house.

    I also have about 25 crocheted squares I started over a year ago, I take my cotton, squares and hook everywhere lately…ballet classes, school pick up, every moment I try to get some done…it is the only way.

  20. Aidan avatar

    WOW! Wonderful news! Glad you are settling in too!

  21. Anna avatar

    Oooh Congratulations! Thats exciting news!

    ps. am still knitting my blanket (non baby themed)… one year later and am still knitting borders- I hope yours is speedy!

  22. Clare avatar

    Fabulous news Charlotte, just wonderful, all the best ClareX

  23. Lindsay avatar

    Wow, conngratulations! All best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy x

  24. Ravenhill avatar

    Oh, I love how you revealed this fabulous piece of news! Congratulations dear Charlotte! I hope you are feeling well!

  25. Megan avatar

    I just knew that was coming. Back in London, new baby … lady, you’re a blessed woman. Congratulations.

  26. Fiona avatar

    Congratulations! What very lovely news. Definitely a good reason for knitting!

  27. Sarah avatar

    Amazing news Charlotte! Congrats!

    Looking forward to meeting you/future person and knitting together – will be back in London from the autumn and might even be looking to live near South End Green.

  28. Louise avatar


  29. Clair avatar

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you all.
    I am loving reading your blog as I am also heading back to the UK (from South Africa) after 3 years away, & really looking forward to it! Thanks for a lovely blog.

  30. martha avatar

    what happy news! congratulations.

  31. Alicia A. avatar


    How did I miss this. I was reading today’s post about morning sickness. Morning sickness?! What?

    So I had to skim back and find the big announcement!!

    Hooray- Congrats to all of you!

  32. Alex avatar

    Congratulations to you, Charlotte.
    Happy to having come out of my summer paralysis soon enough to get to know about your pregnancy before it’s over… that’s great “news”!
    My best wishes for your pelvic now that the morning sickness and tiredness are over!

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