And then there was stuff

What a fun weekend we’ve had! Unpacking our stuff. And picking up the cats! We really must go out for some fresh air. No wonder I’m falling asleep. The cats just wandered in, plonked themselves down and made themselves right at home. I think we were more traumatised by their flight than they were – in fact, they’ve never looked so well.


The little sewing room’s taking shape, although I still need another ikea trip to get the smallest table they have. Today I unpacked all my japanese craft books and the fabrics. Last year really was one for stocking up on fabric. Cleverly I packed them all into plastic bags before we moved – as I now discover we’ve moved into Moth Central, North West London. Excellent planning.








9 responses to “And then there was stuff”

  1. Emily S. avatar

    I love that window shot.

    So glad your fabrics are safe! I’m sure you’ll put them to good use in the new space. Perhaps it will awaken your senses a bit, creatively. I imagine London already has!

  2. lies avatar

    Happy home-coming to all your stuff!!! Glad the cats are ok. And the MINI chops! Sniff so gald for ya eh. How is maxi chops? Has she a cockney accent yet? Ohhhhhhhhhhh Charlotte (weep, weep) Clclclcoththth Hhhhhhhhhhhouse… seems so fine… And m’dear you ARE knitting!!!! Good good.
    Much love from a cold and rainy Auckie corner of the world
    X Lies

  3. Thimbleina avatar

    I’m glad your cats are well.

  4. Jeska avatar

    Moths! They are always poking their wings into my sewing supplies too, the little blighters!

  5. Ellen avatar

    Yucky moths, but yeah for your new craft area.

  6. machen&tun avatar

    I just love your pictures, the window-one is gorgeous! good luck with those horrible moths and best wishes to your sophisticated cats from

  7. hanna avatar

    CONGRATULATIONS. Wishing you a happy and healthy journey.
    If I was you I’d be picking your Robe Rouge out from amongst that LOVELY line up of japanese craft books that makes me jealous and making myself some lovely bump covering dresses ;o)

  8. kimberlee avatar

    oh so now it is really home. perfect 🙂

  9. Jen avatar

    Congratulations on your new little one. Do you know the gender? As always, love reading your blog!

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