Craft again

Last week I finally managed to get myself to Cloth House. I’d been in once for a three minute scout while Kevin and Astrid had waited outside. This time I had all the time in the world. I was so amazed by the simple loveliness of the fabrics, the buttons and trims were just too much to bear so I saved them for another trip.


Ah… the hand printed indian cottons – there were two table tops with bolts stacked three high. It was impossible to decide so I just picked two.

And the voiles – a whole shelf of different colours. Not just white, cream and brown, oh no no, they have colours!

But the linens… the linens (you’ll have to look at 44 for those). The linens were just unbelievable – so many to choose from; thick, thin, rough, fine, purple, chambray, green, blue, grey, and every other colour under the sun. And then there was RED. Jeepers creepers the red linen made me want to jump right onto the bolt and fly away on it.


Now to clear the table, get my sewing machine out and make quick and easy shopping bags. And hang them up in the kitchen. That’s all. And then have another sleep. And then maybe bake the carrot cake I’ve been talking about all week. And then catch up on all my unanswered mails (sorry people with unanswered mails and comments – I really am going to have to sort myself out here). But not until I’ve had another sleep…






6 responses to “Craft again”

  1. di avatar

    Sounds like such alot of lovely stuff to take in- no wonder you need another sleep. Love your description of making off with the red fabric- I know what you mean 🙂

  2. erin avatar

    oh – it sounds so lovely, all that fabric and all that potential. hope you had a good nap and got something stitched up!

  3. Sam avatar

    That linen up there is yummy, as is carrot cake..I had a piece today at a little cafe; I hope you get yours soon:)

  4. Creature of Habit avatar

    Cloth House sounds wonderful…love the name!

  5. Rebecca avatar

    Oh how gorgeous, I have got to go to London again soon, it is essential!

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