My little mezzanine


When I was little I used to like designing interiors. I would design fairy houses set in huge old tree trunks and plan rabbit warrens of rooms and sketch out the furniture placement and which way the doors would open. As I grew older I did the seating plans at school – I would draw where the desks would go and decide who sat next to whom (a long forgotten fact only recently unearthed upon discovering my old school reports).


Before I reached teenagerhood I gave up a really really really big bedroom at home for a small one on the condition dad would build me the mezzanine I had designed for it. The mezzanine would have asparagus ferns and other plants hanging from its beams. My purple silk would drape above and I could pretend I was in Arabian Nights. However my plans were scuppered when I didn’t manage to stick to the other part of the bargain; and that was to keep the new bedroom tidy for three months. In hindsight they must have known that was impossible and they were in fact getting a pretty good deal – although I did find it much easier to decorate the small room and remember wishing there was a contest I could enter it into for best decorated room.


Somewhere in my flickr stream there are photos of my old studio flat – which is just over the road from where we live now – illustrating just how messy my version of nice is. As I say in one of the captions – “before Kevin came along and tidied me up“.


So, I have, metaphorically speaking, kept my room tidy now for five years and my prayers have been answered. This weekend Kevin took Astrid out and I unpacked boxes and put away and sorted and hung things up. And now I have my own dream room, complete with handbag and hat collection on the wall, a knitting chair and a proper wooden ladder leading up to my secret hideout – the mezzanine. Next I’m going to ask for some time to sit in my knitting chair or up in my hideout to read all my books and knit all my squares and plan all future decorating work.

I have also been a very lucky girl and have received some lovely lovely post from Di and Yvonne which I’m just going to have to tell you all about very soon indeed! And then I’ll also tell you about all the amazing stuff we’ve been doing and all about how I am working five days a week at an agency in Brick Lane and how I’ve seen heaps of degree shows, including Textile Design (woo!) and how we’ve been to Borough Market and Neal’s Yard and Columbia Road again. And how I’ve ordered some heirloom tomato plants and how we planted the garden last weekend at long last. And the amazing set of nested coffee tables I bought (Kevin thinks g-plan or ercol). And the fact this baby is starting to feel big. Or is that me feeling big? And my recent trips to Loop. And the knitting classes I’ve booked. And the wool I bought (oh. my.)

And and and… and I’ll take a photo and show you my mezzanine.







11 responses to “My little mezzanine”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    It’s so much better being older, being your own boss and working out your own plans. That’s so far the best bit of being a grown-up ;o)

    I love your room and I want to stay in your cozy mezzanine! Can I ??? ….

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    Oooh- you’ve been so quiet because you’ve been having such adventures! It all sounds wonderful. I love heirloom tomatoes, so good. Your cozy room and secret hideout are great….can’t wait to see what you create in there!

  3. Ann avatar

    Hi Charlotte
    I’m really enjoying your tales from London. Everything looks lovely!

  4. Jeska avatar

    What a great post, Just caught a glimpse of the mezzanine on flicker. Lovely room.

    I used to plan rooms and house layouts as a child too and I especially loved these books –The four seasons of Brably Hedge by Jill Barklem–

    If you don’t have them already I’m sure your children will love them as much as my sisters and I did.

    The tiny houses are so detailed and just magical : )

  5. Nanette avatar

    hey there! lovely to catch up on your news about the small one. you and I must have been similar kids because your descriptions of decorating as a child are almost identical to my own.
    PS I had a mezzanine of my bedroom when we moved house at 14 and it was my favourite spot in all the world!

  6. erin avatar

    charlotte – it all sounds so wonderful! can’t wait to hear more.

  7. tommy avatar

    So nice to hear you’re settling in properly!

  8. Rach avatar

    I wanted a mezzanine when I was small – I thought they were so ‘exotic.’ I lived not far from Brick Lane for a year or so and loved being in the East End. I used to hang out at Pellicci’s and listen in on the conversations of the old timers… It was a wonderful day to spend a few hours on the weekend.

  9. kimberlee avatar

    good golly life sounds good. I am so glad you got your mezzanine, I’m still hoping for the tree house of my childhood dreams.

    pretty space, I am giving you the best decorated room award 🙂

  10. Emily S. avatar

    Charlotte, your world is so fun to hop into. A little dream world – an internet escape, which I suspect is exactly what you wanted for this blog. It works well.

    …though I’m still waiting to hear more backstory about your move! 😉

  11. di avatar

    My you have been busy 🙂 Very good and productive busy too.
    Your post has given me flashbacks to my own early design childhood:
    Memory #1: Drawings of elaborately decorated boofy princesses dresses with massive big ball skirts in richly patterned fabrics. I would have been about 5 at the time- I remember the house and table where I sat to draw them.
    Memory #2: Underground fully self contained compact houses for Snoopy. Similarly detailed like yours, with cupboards assigned to this or that. Why underground? I have no idea…
    Memory #3: Layout for a self sufficient farm. This one was a project in high school, probably around grade 9 or 10. I LOVED this project. So up my alley. Thinking about what went where and how it was all going to work and sustain itself. My Geography teacher was way before his time.

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