A is for…

Babychops. Or so we keep telling her. Thank you Aunty Vonne!


Kevin got my table on Saturday and so out came the sewing machine and the little room had more tidying. But it’s been so hot here I could only do five minutes work before I would have to stop and feel ill for another five minutes. Repeat for one hour. Go downstairs for shelter. But the little room is coming along nicely hot though it may be.


This week was Astrid’s first time at the new childminder’s and so far she has learnt to poke her tongue out and spin around and fall on the floor. Tonight Astrid waved. Yep, at long last we actually got not just one wave, but a full three minutes all in one go.


Because I’ve stolen her room Astrid gets the living room for toys and fun things such as rainbow mobiles, blackboards and little chairs and tables. This also means we don’t have to put her alone upstairs to play with her stuff which would just be silliness.


Hat wearing shot for Lies and Ande – she loves the hat now! Loves it!

Now it’s too hot to write. Someone make it rain. Please.







7 responses to “A is for…”

  1. kimberlee avatar

    oh pretty everythings!
    your house looks amazing!

    A is for babychops, ha:)

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    The heat has been terrible here as well, I can’t shake that nauseous feeling. You must really be feeling it!

    I love your spiral stair, and the timber beams. Great room!

  3. Kristy avatar

    Oh yeh we childminders are great at teaching all the good stuff!
    Please don’t wish for rain. We only just got the sun up here and really need it for the next 5 weeks and my sanity!

  4. erin avatar

    she is getting so big, charlotte! hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  5. Helen avatar

    Isn’t it hot! I only managed to cut out a little pouch on the weekend out of a long list of things I thought I might get done! But I have a rule never to complain about the sun shining in London. I just melt quietly!

  6. hanna avatar

    ooh yukky, heat and being pregnant. I would dearly love some of that heat, we’ve had quite enough rain now thankyou. I love the butterfly rainbow mobile.

  7. lies avatar

    Oh sweetness. Poor preggy you, with all that heat! Your house looks so stunning C, I lurrrve the spiral staircase and after a while I promise the novelty of dangerous staircases (which toddlers want to explore) wears off. A while though… Ta for the hat-shot hee hee isn’t it funny how they all of a sudden get attached to hats?

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