All the things I want to write about

(but don’t have time to)

Do you know I get up, get ready, leave the house by 7.45am. Get to work around 9am after I’ve been and got a proper flat white from the Spitalfields Coffee House. Work until 5.45 or 6pm and get home around 7.15pm. Then we cook and eat by about 8.15pm then I will come upstairs and do a fraction of the work I have to do for my own clients, and then at around 10pm I will sit downstairs and watch a bit of tele and do a row or two of my (king size) crochet blanket. It’s too big to take on the tube now so I’ve started a small project for my travel time – a pink crochet washcloth which might end up being a table runner or a scarf.


On my way to and from work, not while I crochet – but as I’m walking, I also dream about all the things I would love to write about and photograph. Things like… I would like to do a photo essay on my trip to work from South End Green to Brick Lane; where I go for lunch; shops I look at on the way home. But I put the charger for the little camera battery in a very safe place equals now lost.

Other things I think about writing about are how this Saturday I went early into Mayfair to John Frieda to see my wonderful hairdresser and had even more hair cut off, properly. By heck it’s good now. I’d like to photograph my new haircut. I won’t photograph my new maternity bras from M&S but I will photograph all the new makeup I bought after I presented myself at the Chanel counter in Selfridges, advising them I’d not had makeup for two years and now needed some. And when I get paid next and go back to Selfridges and buy the Chanel sunglasses I’ve been coveting for some time now I shall also photograph those. A Chanel portrait.


I’ll also photograph the perfume Kevin bought for me from Space NK and the things I bought the day after Kevin bought me the perfume but from a different Space NK, because I was so excited by the shop I just needed to go back and buy tweezers, a body brush and a nail buffer.

Those are the things I want to write about. And I also want to visit Rob Ryan’s new shop in Columbia Road. Ryantown. Rob and Yvonne have some naming ideas in common! And I still haven’t photographed the amazing washcloths from Di that have revolutionised things around here – and now I find out they’re for doing dishes, not washing faces! Yvonne sent us some amazing stuff including this book and this book which you all really do need to see.

But for now I shall wish for my charger to make a miraculous reappearance, do some work then retreat downstairs a few minutes after ten to do a row or two of the blanket. And I’ll also tell you I’m very very pleased it’s been raining. I’ll keep on saying it, I just love the rain.



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11 responses to “All the things I want to write about”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    Oh the chargers….it ruins everything when they go missing!

    Your days are so long, I hope you manage lots of sleep in there somehow….lol…thanks for the links, some great shops! I’ve heard great things about Space NK, I’d go crazy in there.

  2. leslie avatar

    i love your list of what you would tell us. a glimpse into your everyday life. and maternity bras?! did i miss something?! is a congratulations in order?!

  3. Alison avatar

    We would have so much fun……..

  4. di avatar

    No it’s fine to use them for faces or dishes- the choice is yours!! (you probably don’t want to use them for both though). and Maternity bra..? Did we miss something? Is that why you were feeling nauseous?

  5. Ravenhill avatar

    what full days you have Charlotte! It is a wonder that you have time to blog at all! I am impressed with your hectic pace and all the wonderful things you are going to share with us – I am rooting for you in finding your charger soon!

  6. tommy avatar

    What a lot to take in! I noticed the Coffee House for the first time last Sunday. The East is still bustling even on a dreary day. Oh, I’m after a pair of Chanel sunglasses too. I nearly forgot about them. I need to put that and the rest of AW wants in my Moleskine again.

    If you’re expecting another little one like how Leslie picked up on, congratulations!

  7. Jeska avatar

    You fit so much into your days, a very inspiring life.

  8. amy avatar

    i started carrying a note book with me so i can jot down blogging ideas as they come to me. i so miss london, and your words take me back to my time there. oh brick lane, to be there again…

  9. Clare avatar

    hope you are resting when you can 😀

  10. The Homely Animal avatar

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who loses things that I previous made ‘safe’. Funny.

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