Time for catching up

You know what. I think the morning sickness is over. The tiredness is over. I know this because we must be in trimester two so the pelvic problems can kick in. But at least I’m awake.

So today after a little burst of energy I have some photos to show and some things to tell. So what I’ll do is upload all the pictures and then I’ll come back and write about them. Ok… right. Done. Now I think I need a cup of tea. This is what I’m like at work. Big burst of energy. Then I need to go and distract myself for a bit.

So here are the little books from YvonneI love dirt, which is a fab little book for people with kids, full of fun ideas for outdoor nature activities – like cloud racing! And London Children’s Rooms, well of course I had to have that!


And because Yvonne knows I have a bit of a thing for Shinzi Katoh – she also sent some neat stationery and some Japanese fabric which I love.


As I mentioned quite some time back I put a skirt and top on lay-by with Alison. And because I didn’t work for two months it was quite an extended lay-by, but following my first pay day Alison popped them in the post along with some over yummy goodies including some yarn which you’ll see in a minute.


Di’s housewarming gift came not long after we got here and the washcloths were put to immediate good use, meaning they’re far too busy to be photographed right now. And as Astrid took a shine to the needlebook and ferreted it away to some secret corner in the house it too is unavailable for today’s shoot. So what remains to be photographed is one moleskine notebook making very good use of a liberty print that’s now really rather well travelled 🙂


For weeks, if not months I’ve been tormented by the fact I’ve made so much stuff and not photographed any of it. I’ve made two nani iro / robe rouge dresses, two bunnies, little baby wraps, organic waffle hand-towels with nani iro bias binding, lunch bags, nappy bags, hand bags. Anyway, lots of stuff! I thought I could make a big pile and just take a photo, but I seem to have forgotten to do that.

Instead here are the current knit / crochet projects; these three small ones are for the morning and evening journeys to and from work and include a pink scarf, a blue scarf and a brown scarf. The pink scarf was going to be a washcloth but I couldn’t stop, the blue scarf was going to be a square for the baby blanket but again I didn’t want to stop. The brown one is using the merino Alison sent – with the suggestion it become a scarf for Astrid so that’s one project with a concrete destiny.


This is the big blanket I am crocheting. It started out as a scarf but I didn’t want to stop. Currently the size of a beach towel we think it’s going to be a fairly expensive blanket. I’m using Savannah DK, a blend of organic merino, cotton and linen. Every weekend we make a trip up to Loop to buy a few more skeins of yarn and to make use of their winding facilities.


Since we arrived I’ve had a select few of my snaplock plastic bags of fabric kept out on my shelves for the next project. Whilst at work I make little notes in my notebook – little ideas, plans, things I want to do. Every week I write down red linen bag, makeup bag, new pencil case, trousers for Astrid. Every week I carry that over to the next page.


So today I took my absolute favourites out of their filing bags – the purple linnet chambray, the grey organic cotton and the nani suzuran field – and added to that a special piece of Lotta from Leslie and I believe I have my makeup bag and pencil case sorted.


The red linen has been waiting for red cotton for weeks and weeks and weeks, so yesterday Kevin was in Soho and I grabbed my opportunity to send him to Kleins for some thread and to Cass Arts for some form of pattern paper. Since then I have found MacCulloch & Wallis stock dressmakers pattern paper.

A recent eBay acquisition is Astrid’s carpet. The minute it arrived she declared it hers. Not being a fancy shiny one, it was a bargain at £16 + postage; one slightly worn, handwoven pure wool, 7 x 9 foot Iranian carpet. Also to note Astrid removed her lovely grey top to reveal an outfit I wouldn’t usually dress her in, except that today her entire wardrobe is in the wash.


Also bought on eBay, and costing more than the persian rug, a vintage Roberts Radio which is permanently tuned to BBC Radio 4. Perfect for crocheting to. Miss Lady Bird the Cloud quite likes it too.


While I sit down to edit today’s photos Astrid tears the house apart. Evidence of where the child has been. Next she’s after the camera.


One quick last photo of our front courtyard out of the living room windows and I’m off upstairs to write this blog post. Then I might trawl eBay for a mahogany chest of drawers to replace the ugly pine ones and see whether I can find a copy of Yertle the Turtle on vinyl.


Ah, and as I finish proofing, babychops two wakes up – I think I just felt a foot. Right, we’re off up to Pomona for salad and baps. We’re making burgers tonight.

Have a fun week!



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14 responses to “Time for catching up”

  1. Dawn avatar

    Oh Charlotte…thanks so much. What a wonderful home Ladybird has. xoxo

  2. Creature of Habit avatar

    Wow – you have had a burst of energy, so much to write about! I have been in real highs/low lately as well, though I have no excuse other than the weather. 🙂 Loving all of the projects you’ve shown us- and can I tell you how jealous I am than you can go to M&W? I had to contact them 2 years ago via email for a much sought after clip of sorts….now they have a website! 🙂

  3. Alison avatar

    I’m tired just reading this….
    And I know that living room look oh too well.

  4. annax avatar

    Only just discovered your blog! Looks wonderful. Will surely be back. Glad to hear about the burst of energy. I know that feeling so well. (being a mum to five little ones 🙂

  5. Alice avatar


  6. kimberlee avatar

    wow what a epic catch up

    I am glad you are still busy craft and making, even if you forget to photograph.

    that blanket is amazing!

  7. amy avatar

    what a post – so full of goodies! but first off- did i totally miss a post and not realize you’re pregnant!??! congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!

    and that carpet? swoon – what a deal!

  8. hanna avatar

    What a good catch up, lots of goodies. That blanket (ex scarf) you are making is gorgeous!!! You crack me up with the knitting and not being able to stop.
    And that red linen! oh my. The colour is wonderful. I’d just want to put a little bit on everything I made.
    What is it with kids and couch cushions?

  9. Rach avatar

    Congrats! Also having a baby in January, but a different season. No need for warm woollens for our Sydney summer baby… All the best.

  10. Clare avatar

    So glad you’re over the sickness, its truly awful. Glad you’ve still got your sense of humour about the “pelvic floor” problems due any time now…dont cough or sneeze now 😀

    its so weird, I also have the russian doll fabric and the I love dirt book (I’ve carried it around in my bag for weeks and still havent really read it).

    I love seeing your blanket, the colours are so attractive. I’ve started a blanket also, but I’m sure its not right, although I cant seem to stop…the rhythmn is so addictive, never mind.

    Astrid looks so adorable on the new rug.

    Thrilled you also like Radio 4…and you are also under 40 (horray)

    Take good care, much love ClareX

  11. Jeska avatar

    Since your last post I was anticipating all you would write about.

    Astrid is adorable. I remember seeing her as a baby on flickr when I first joined glad to see she is already taking a close interest in interior details ; )

  12. di avatar

    So good to hear what you’ve been up to! Glad for you that the tiredness is over. Hope the morning sickness is too!

  13. Ravenhill avatar

    Lovely to read all about your goings on and see little snippets of your lovely things and your beautiful girl who is really growing!

    Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well!
    ~Emily xx

  14. Yvonne avatar

    Jesus Christ woman you are so active for someone who’s pregnant. I love the red linen and look Astrid’s wearing my top :o)

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