A long weekend

This weekend was a nice long one. On Saturday morning we went to John Lewis and bought the new computer. We’d decided not to freight my g5 and cinema display over this time as it was all just so big – a new iMac would fit much better in the little cottage. So we now have ancient iMac from 2002 still going strong, and fabulous new iMac with the sharpest monitor ever!

The joy of being paid for an entire four weeks work is beyond description, especially after two years of not working full time. I’ll not go mad though. One small visit to Linnet and a few books from Amazon Japan – that’s it. I’m working from home again as of next week too so I’ll really enjoy it with my lovely new computer 🙂


We also went to Selfridges to get collars for the cats. I made name tags out of card and cover-seal and the much awaited letting of the cats outside was underway. Woo are they happy now. It was incredible how they physically transformed into healthier looking cats within minutes. Poor old cats. Really had had enough of being in.


I took the opportunity to do some gardening while the sun was out – the tomatoes are at long last planted, no doubt far far far too late; Polly and I went to the garden centre yesterday in the pouring rain – a week early for the sale, but never mind – I got plants and bulbs and our courtyard is now feeling happily beautiful in her new cloak of erigeron, scabious, babies-tears and these lovely yellow blooms.


Today however has been one of the worst days in a long time albeit with a happy ending. Astrid just wouldn’t go to sleep and was tired and grumpy all day. For fraying of the nerves it’s amazing how everything totally fell apart with one child’s refusal to go to sleep no matter how tired. By four this afternoon our neighbours would have thought my world was coming to an end. That’s certainly the impression coming from my little room I’d say. When we finally got Astrid to stay in the pram up we wandered to the Heath in the late afternoon sun. The blackberries were out and we filled the only vessel we had – Astrid’s bottle lid. She’d fallen asleep half way up Parliament Hill. Ah such sweet relief.








7 responses to “A long weekend”

  1. annax avatar

    Congrats with the new imac! I just love mine. It took a bit to get used to, but I would not want anything else.

    I understand about little ones being over tired… My two youngest get so upset when their routine is somehow disturbed.

    Happy gardening and hopefully lots of late Summer sunshine to you!

    🙂 annax

  2. kimberlee avatar

    a shower of rain just let lose as soon as I started reading your entry. very cinematic.

    I am glad she finally slept for you guys. Your cottage life is charming me and also making me slightly envious. OH THAT NEW MAC!


  3. Creature of Habit avatar

    Look at that guy, how do they like the new yard? I bet there’s lots of new smells for them!

  4. Alison avatar

    Pia tries desperately to drop sleep at any opportunity, but it’s hell for all of us if she misses it. Hence very frazzled weekends at our house when the excitement of daddy and Max being around is too much…

    Lovely flowers!

  5. periwinkle avatar

    hi, your yellow blooms look like crocosmia, you can get them in all kinds or oranges,reds and golds too – they are very pretty
    lisa x

  6. amy avatar

    i wish i could get my cats to wear collars!!! i’d put a bell on them too!

  7. hanna avatar

    Isn’t it amazing how a sleepless child (or grumpy-for-some-other-reason child) can make your day just fall apart. But I’m glad you had some relief and blackberries in the end. :o)

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