A bit of crochet

Oh what will I do when I finish at LBi on Wednesday – I’ll have no five day a week bus and tube ride. Ooh, but I will have two days a week to Notting Hill new job – more on that soon – very very exciting… and three days a week to look after my own clients, so I shall have to designate an hour each morning and an hour each evening to ‘pretend commute time’ to keep up the crochet.

I’ve been making… a green square, from this book


a purse in ecru, from this book


a little blue purse (just needs a button), also from this book


a pink scarf, which I just made up,


a card purse, which I also made up, based on my travelcard wallet,


and a brown scarf, which was hiding at photo time (since found), and which I also made up.

Yesterday I crocheted all day – a bag in my new LINNET malt grey yarn, which was undone and rewound after dinner. And now I’m working on baby shoes and socks and discovering the marvels of Ravelry.






4 responses to “A bit of crochet”

  1. hanna avatar

    gorgeous! I really should learn to crochet. You have been busy – with lots of new posts too!

  2. Pauline avatar

    Your crochet is so lovely and even and I love the small items you have been making. I bet they are from Japanese craft books!? I think I crochet to tightly as mine always curls up at the edges… must try harder!

  3. Pauline avatar

    Hi Charlotte. Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 and thanks for adding the links to the crochet books!

  4. Ravenhill avatar

    (Just catching up a bit on your blog!) I adore your crochet! I have done so little of it lately. I actully took it up so I could have some handwork to do that didn’t involve dangerously sharp needles when Lilly was little. I would nurse and crochet in bed when she was falling asleep!

    Glad to hear you have more energy these days and I hope your pregnancy continues to be a happy and healthy one!

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