A delicious disaster

I think I’ve got my energy back. This weekend I’ve photographed, blogged, flickrd, crocheted, ravelried, made up a nice big shopping cart at nature baby, walked across the Heath, and, at long last, baked something.


Based on the Edmonds Cook Book recipe because we never have the sour cream for the Donna Hay recipe, I used almond meal, spelt flour, mixed spice, cinnamon and raspberries. And I made double quantity.

Now I just need to master the super hot oven with no seal, replace the IKEA patty cases that don’t fit the muffin tray, get some skewers for testing – and we’re away!






7 responses to “A delicious disaster”

  1. Creature of Habit avatar

    Yes, you have seriously Ravelried! 😉

  2. Jeska avatar

    They look tasty against all odds.

    Lovely to see your tiny new girl.

  3. kirsten avatar

    i think i could eat the whole batch.

  4. Susan avatar

    Hi, if those muffins are a.as good as they look and b.using NO wheat flour, would you PLease e-mail me and confirm so that I can let my dgtr know that it is possible?

  5. annax avatar

    erm mine always kind of turn out that way…
    Never stopped me from eating all of it 🙂


  6. Susan avatar

    Charlotte, thank-you sOo much for taking the time to e-mail me such a comprehensive answer. Your kindness is much appreciated.

  7. Ravenhill avatar

    Oh, those look so healthy and delicious. You used such wonderful ingredients!

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