Babychops ii

Friday was 20 week scan day. Well, actually it was Thursday, but I thought it was Friday – and fortunately with some persuasion on my part I managed to get in.

And, ta da… it’s a girl! We got the ultrasound lady to check several times just to make sure. She even gave us a little print out of the empty space above the little footprints just to prove it 🙂


So for now she’s called babychops ii, although we do have a little shortlist of names. Oooh, can’t wait to see her in January. Can’t wait!






15 responses to “Babychops ii”

  1. leslie avatar

    whooohooo. another little gal. for your little family. super exciting. indeed. whoohoo!

  2. Anna avatar

    oh yay! A little sister for Astrid, that’s so exciting.

  3. Yvonne avatar

    Woohoos and Yays from me too. Oh my they can re-wear each others cute dresses ;o)

  4. Martha avatar

    Yup, girlie too. And due almost at the same time, they’ll be ‘cross the world twins.

  5. erin avatar

    two girls is the best. of course, i am biased. congrats!

  6. amy avatar

    oh cuteness!

  7. hanna avatar

    oh look at the little darling, another sweet wee girl, yay.

  8. Rach avatar

    Due just after you as I am 20 weeks next week… Not sure what our buttons is – awaiting a big surprise!

  9. Helen avatar

    Congratulations! Its hard to tell from your blog that you were lacking any energy! You always seem to be doing lots of interesting things. Sugar and Spice x2 awwww…

  10. Clare avatar

    huge thanks for sharing this with us, how truly wonderful, CONGRATS, such fabulous news, take care, much love ClareX

  11. suzy avatar

    Congratulations! No doubt Babychops Mark II will be just as cute as Astrid. And it will be good to get extra mileage out of Astrid’s lovely homemade gear.

  12. Martha avatar

    the doc measured her waist to work out her weight, it must be about 4mm!

    I couldn’t get a damn anaethetist for my second baby, he was helping some poor sod in A and E. I love me some epidural, this time I’m thinking maybe I’m too posh to push, I have nothing to prove.

    I dream of wine. A lot.

  13. di avatar

    Oooh.. So exciting…

  14. caroline avatar

    Baby chops! That is quite funny! She looks BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Zoe avatar

    oh that’s just fab! We don’t get 2 scans up here in Scotland 🙁 It must be so exciting finding out that it’s a she in there x

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