I have no idea

…where this came from. I think a little flax-berry eating bird must have sent it.


Which means I had now really better sort myelf out and start sewing. And I really do have to say the grey forest double knit is just heaven. All I want to do it hem the whole three metres and turn it into a blanket. Seriously, this is cotton jersey, lined with super-fine cotton jersey. Oh!

But I do know where this all came from… thank you Melissa, such a lovely parcel full of useful and very pretty things 🙂 And everything seems to match so nicely too. Love!


And this weekend I shall be getting some outbound post ready. For blog contest prize winners; Caroline, Kirsten and Megan (even though she didn’t enter – see I said it would be random).






4 responses to “I have no idea”

  1. Veronica TM avatar

    what wonderful surprises! enjoy it all, charlotte!

  2. melissa avatar

    ooh- lovely fabric! in a minute, i’m going to visit that website. (linnet)

    and i’m very glad you liked that tiny little parcel. hope the baby-in-progress will like the yellow poppies. xx

  3. kirsten avatar

    whoo hoo!
    how very exciting. 🙂

  4. caroline avatar

    Aren’t parcels in the mail absolutely thrilling?!? Especially when they cross an ocean to find you. I am so excited!

    Hope your day is wonderful!!!

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