printing by hand

Now, I wonder if anyone is wondering, “what on earth happened to those textile design and print classes Charlotte had booked at St Martins?”.

Well, that would be a very good thing to wonder as they were in July and August. But I cancelled them a) because I needed the refund money to live off for a month and b) I ended up working.


Instead I can save myself a small fortune and buy this really good book instead.


And learn lots of lovely things. And generally get very very excited about it all.  And also be slightly in awe of Lena Corwin. Well, maybe just a bit more than I already was. Yes.






5 responses to “printing by hand”

  1. Ravenhill avatar

    What a pretty looking book! You can always take the class another year!

  2. erin avatar

    that book is fabulous, isn’t it?

  3. hanna avatar

    oooh, I might have to add that to my Christmas wish list!

  4. Zoe avatar

    just got it at the weekend! Fan-bloody-tastic eh!?

  5. Jeska avatar

    I think I’m going to have to get a copy of this, I love learning new ways to create! : )

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