On my last day at work…

I remembered to take the little camera in to document my journey.

Out the gate, into very late Summer…


Down the road and around the corner to the 24 bus stop. Then on to Warren Street where I get off and it’s a stone’s throw to Euston Square station.


Onto the Eastbound platform where I take the first train. If I don’t get a seat I might get off again and wait for another train. Need to sit down to crochet. Or at least have a wall to lean on.


On to Liverpool Street where I get off and sometimes get some money out. Sometimes I’ll have a look in Paperchase at the Moleskines, or buy a salad from M&S. Most days I’ll get a coffee from the Market Coffee House. How could I not make the most of being so close to the best coffee in London.


Through Spitalfields market and up to the Truman Brewery, past Wieden + Kennedy with their coolest ever offices.


Then through the little road around the brewery buildings, past the Rootmaster busaurant.


Down the little lane, past the clothes shops,


past story deli pizza


Here we are… the Atlantis Building in Brick Lane,


up the stairs…


and here i am at work.

Grand finale interior shot to be found over at 44.







8 responses to “On my last day at work…”

  1. Fiona avatar

    What a wonderful thing to photo-document. Those kind of details are so easy to forget.

    Oh, and I love your shoes and stockings! 🙂

  2. caroline avatar

    Gorgeous shots! I love London. I seems we never get to spend enough time in London though, as the hubby’s family is so spread out all over England. There is just never enough time!

    LOVE the stockings!!!

  3. hanna avatar

    thanks for taking us on your journey, (I love the shoes and stockings)

  4. hanna avatar

    he he, just noticed everyone likes the shoes and stockings :o)

  5. virginia avatar

    I used to live around that area, Oh!!! how I miss London!!!
    Great photos!!!

  6. Shinykatie avatar

    You go past Junky Styling every day then? I love them in there – they did my wedding dress for me. (I also love the shoes and stockings, obvs)

  7. Zoe avatar

    enjoyed joining you on your journey to work – were you meant to be going on mat leave?

  8. Esther avatar

    Oh how funny, I was at Tent London at the Truman Brewery last week with a friend, can definitely vouch for the coffee at the Market Coffee House!

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